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Pebble Shower Flooring

It can be exciting and fun to remodel your shower. There are many people who are taking this project on these days and they are looking for updated options to make their shower beautiful, functional and perhaps a bit fun as well! When looking into remodeling your shower one of the first questions you may come across will be about what tile you want to use. Do you want to tile your shower floor or put in a shower floor pan? Most people would choose to tile their shower floor if given the option. Not only does it look better but it holds up better as well. There are no seams to come loose and begin to leak with time and the shower floor is one of the first places to break down with wear and tear over time. This is the reason why many people choose a quality tile instead.

We have many customers who are choosing pebble shower flooring for their shower remodel project. The reasons are many for this. For one, pebble shower flooring gives a beautiful modern look to your shower that won’t ever look ‘dated’ since it is a natural product. Rocks simply don’t go out of style. Pebble shower flooring is also durable. The pebble’s come from nature so they can withstand all the elements that nature or you can throw at them including walking on them and water. There are no seams to break down with age. Pebble tile just simply holds up year after year. The third main reason our customers are choosing pebble shower flooring is because this flooring is very comfortable. Many people love the natural feel of pebble tile beneath their feet.

Whatever your reason may be for installing a pebble shower floor you will be happy you did. Pebble tile will give your shower a natural beauty that will last a long time and you will be able to enjoy the feel beneath your feet for a long time to come. Pebble shower flooring is a popular choice for good reason. Check out some images of more pebble shower flooring in our Pebble Tile Shower Gallery!


Sealing Shower Floor Pebbles is Important

Sealing your shower floor pebbles is an important step in keeping your pebbles looking great for years to come. Before you grout your pebble tiles we recommend you seal them first. This can be done with a good quality penetrating sealer. Don’t be cheap when buying sealer or you may come across problems with it in the future. If you have questions on which are the best quality you can go to or ask your local home supply store professional for advice on the best sealer for pebble tile. If you want a deeper color to your stone you may also decide to use a natural stone color enhancer to enhance the look of the pebbles you have bought.

After you have sealed the tile you will adhere the shower floor pebbles with a thin set mortar to the ground at lengths of 3 square feet at a time until the area is covered. There will be to need to make any cuts as the stones are mounted on a mesh backing that fit together like a puzzle. Should a stone come loose during the adhesion process simply put more adhesive on the stone and slide it back in its place. You do not need to smash the pebble tile into the adhesive, gentle pressure will be sufficient.

After the adhesion has finished (meaning you waited the time specified on the product before you grout) it will be time to grout your pebble tiles.. Use an epoxy grout and begin the process of grouting your pebble tile small sections at a time. Use a stiff bristle brush to scrub excess grout off your pebbles after the grout has dried.. Then here we are again. It is time to begin sealing your shower floor pebbles after grouting. This second seal will make a huge difference in the look and quality of your pebbles. When sealing shower floor pebbles please keep in mind that you should follow the instructions on the product label for sealing. This will ensure a quality seal that is penetrating.


Pebble Stone Showers – A Popular Choice

Pebble stone has many great uses. Our customers have put pebble stone everywhere from bathrooms to fireplaces. One very popular use of pebble tile is in the bathroom, particularly in the shower. Not only is pebble stone it easy to install in a shower or bathroom but it is made for places where it will come in contact with water. This makes it an easy choice for a bathroom tile project. Whether you decide to put in a pebble stone shower or pebble flooring you can be happy to know that you are choosing a product that is a perfect match for a bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom by Seattle Architect Motionspace Architecture + Design

Pebble stone showers are very popular these days. One of the reasons is that they are all natural. Many people like the feeling that pebble stone showers give them when they enter them. It makes them feel like they are showering in nature. Should we even go as far as saying they feel as though they are showering under a waterfall? If you have been looking at pebble stone showers you may be one of these customers who love the natural look of pebble stone. If you are, then our pebble stone will be perfect in your shower.

When we say pebble stone showers we are talking about a few different types of installation. The first would be an all over installation where the pebbles are floor to ceiling. This will give you that natural look to your shower that you are looking for. Some people choose to use the pebble stone simply on the floor of the shower as well. There are still others who use pebble stone use it in and around their shower and then have it spilling out in either a path or decorative ‘river’ running out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor Some will have their pebble stone shower simply continue out to cover the bathroom floor as well.

Whatever way you decide to use for pebble stone in a bathroom I would say to consider a pebble stone shower. It will give a natural look to your shower and help maintain a beautiful bathroom for years to come. When your friends come over to your bathroom they are going to love your pebble stone shower!


Pebble Kitchen Floor Tile

The uses for pebble tile are as many as there are creative people to think of them. One great use we saw recently was on a kitchen floor. Kitchen floors and pebble tile are a perfect marriage for many of the same reasons it is great in bathrooms and showers. Of course we want to talk about the beauty of pebble kitchen floor tile before we go into the practical reasons.

Kitchen floor tile can often look cheap, wear down or lose its luster but not pebble tile. Pebble kitchen floor tile will look beautiful and unique for years to come. Whether you decide to go with traditional, sliced or mosaic you can be sure to have a kitchen floor that will be beautiful, and natural looking that won’t need to be replaced.

Eclectic Kitchen by Victoria Interior Designer The Sky is the Limit Design

Practically, a pebble kitchen floor will have many benefits. First it is made for spills and floods. No need to replace the floor in the event that water gets to it. Even if it were to be immersed completely in water it would be remain perfectly fine. Pebble tile will wear well. As we all know pebble tile is from nature so it can take a lot of beating and stay looking as beautiful and natural as the day you got it. Pebble tile is as durable as putting concrete in your kitchen.

Not only is pebble tile beautiful and durable but it is eco friendly. Our all natural product comes straight from the ground so you can feel good knowing you are helping the earth while getting a beautiful natural pebble kitchen floor tile. So if you are in the market for a kitchen floor tile and you have any other questions, please email or give us a call and we can help you pick the right tile for you, pebble tile.


Shower Floor Tile – Think Natural

Pebble tile is sourced from pebbles that have been in water in their natural habitat. This makes pebble tile a great option for any tile project that will come in regular contact with water. This is one of the many reasons why people choose pebble tile for projects ranging from outdoor pools and waterfalls to shower floor tile. Water and pebble tile get along just fine!

When installing pebble tile in an area that will get regular exposure to water you should remember that in order to maintain its beauty you will need to seal the pebble tile. This isn’t because your pebble tile can’t take the water, it is to maintain the look it currently has without fading. When installing shower floor tile or another tile that will get regular water use you really can’t find many natural products that will be good for the environment and also stand up to the water. Pebble tile is one of the few that will do this.

Contemporary Bathroom by Falls Church Design-build DuBro Architects + Builders

Whatever your project, if it will be submersed in water or just drenched with it daily you should consider our pebble tile. You can get samples to see which color and type you like the best. We suggest you walk on all your samples to get a feel for it, especially for projects where there will be regular walking on it going on as in a shower floor tile or bathroom floor tile. If the bumpiness brothers you consider a sliced pebble tile instead. This gives you all the same great benefits of pebble tile with a flat walking surface.

To see images of pebble shower floor tile and more go here:


Black Pebble Floor – Color Options

There are so many colors of pebble tile to go with so how do you decide. Sometimes this decision will have as much to so with the area you are installing the pebble tile as you aesthetic and taste. For instance a black pebble floor may be right in your bathroom but could not look right in a different area. Perhaps you would like a beachy look in your shower? A tan and white might look the best. The decision of color is a big one so don’t take it lightly. You will have that black pebble floor for years to come so you want to make sure you will love the color all those years.

We recommend when choosing a pebble tile color that you get a few samples. Get samples of the colors that jump out at you initially, but I would throw in a few that may not have. When you get them in your space you may change your mind on what you thought would look good. When you get the samples walk on them. Perhaps you may want a sliced pebble tile instead Or maybe you love the feel of traditional pebble tile beneath your feet. Make sure you walk on them as well as look at them.

Choosing a color of pebble tile can be difficult. There are so many colors and varieties. If you know for instance that you want a black pebble floor, you may get hung up between traditional or mosaic. Get a sample of both! That way when you order your black pebble tile you will know you made the right choice. Most importantly when choosing a pebble tile color, have fun! You know you are getting a great product no matter what color you choose so enjoy the process! Happy pebble color hunting!


Sliced Pebble Tile Bathrooms

For those looking for a project to spruce up a bathroom, look no further than our sliced pebble tile. Sliced pebble tile can work on the floor, in the shower, on the walls, or just about anywhere in a bathroom, even around a tub or toilet! A sliced pebble tile bathroom will have your friends oooing and aaahing over your remodeled or new bathroom. So what is so great about sliced pebble tile? Well there are the obvious answers like how natural and pretty it looks, it doesn’t show the dirt and is easy to clean. Some people love the flat feel of sliced pebble tile on their feet or in the shower as well. What you may not consider when thinking of a benefit of creating a sliced pebble tile bathroom is that it is eco friendly. No man made pebbles here. Some tile is manufactured in a facility, not pebble tile. Pebble tile comes straight from the earth which not only gives your bathroom an earthy look but it gives your conscience a pat on the back for making the right choice in tile for the earth and for your bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom by Chicago Interior Designer Noble Design Group

You may be wondering, why a sliced pebble tile bathroom? What is the difference between sliced and traditional pebble tile? You can see the difference here in these two images. The first one is our sliced pebble tile:

This second one is traditional pebble tile:

You can see that the only difference between our sliced and traditional pebble tile is that the sliced has the rounded top litterally ‘sliced’ off. This makes for a flat finish that some people love to install in a sliced pebble tile bathroom. Our pebble tile is of the highest quality at rock bottom pricing. Get a sample and you will see that our pebble tile stacks up to all of our competitors tile and is a sturdy, quality product. Whether installing it on the floor, wall, a shower you can be sure our sliced pebble tile will look great in your space for years to come! So if you have been on the fence, jump over and install a sliced pebble tile bathroom today!


Pebble Tile Patios

Pebble tile can be used indoors or outdoors for almost any tile project you can imagine. This is one of the many reasons why pebble tile is a great option for your tile project. Pebble tile is able to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. This is why many people choose to install a pebble tile patio, or walkway instead of concrete. Pebble tile can be very affordable for an outdoor installation and it gives beauty to the outdoors. Concrete just can’t keep up with the beauty of a pebble tile patio.

Using pebble tile outdoors is easy to maintain. To clean is simple, just hose it down or use a leaf blower on it if it gets dirty. It really takes no more upkeep than simple concrete. It will maintain its beauty for years and years to come. Many people use pebble tile outdoors in and around their pools, in fountains, and on retaining walls. A popular outdoor project is a pebble tile patio. If you want a beautiful, durable patio then check out our selection of pebble tile.

Mediterranean Patio by Newport Beach Landscape Architect AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc.

For a flat walking surface for your pebble tile patio I would consider our sliced pebble tile. Another good option for a flat walking surface is our flat mosaic pebble tile which comes in glazed as well for a shinier surface. If you like the look and feel of traditional pebble tile then you are in good company because this is a very popular choice for use in a pebble tile patio. Traditional pebble tiles comes in a glazed or natural finish as well. If you just can’t decide which tile to use for your pebble tile patio or other outdoor project then get a few samples and put them in the space, walk on them, and make sure the color and finish is what you would enjoy in the space.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing pebble tile for your indoor or outdoor project. It is simply a matter of preference since all our pebble tiles can be used for outdoor projects. If you need help deciding on a pebble tile for your pebble tile patio or other project don’t hesitate to call, email, or live chat with us. We would be happy to help in any way we can!


Bathroom Floor Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are a great choice for many projects. In particular a very popular place to put them is in the bathroom. Our bathroom floor pebble tiles are made to be a perfect choice for your bathroom. The floor of a bathroom needs a tile that is resistant to water, easy to clean, and doesn’t show stains. Pebble tiles are all three.

Bathroom floor pebble tiles provide a water resistant floor that will not soak the water into the tile and then cause it to puddle under like some other tiles do. There are no cracks for water to seep under since they are grouted. After you install the pebble tile you will want to seal it off to keep your pebble tile in the best shape to enjoy for years to come.

Pebble tile is really easy to clean. Bathroom floor pebble tiles can be mopped with a mild cleaning solution. It is really a simple product to keep clean that doesn’t need a lot of upkeep to maintain its beautiful appearance. Simply use a mild cleaner with your mop or other cleaning tool once a week or so and your bathroom floor pebble tiles will be beautiful for many many years.

Contemporary Bathroom by Los Angeles Interior Designer Susan Jay Design

Bathroom floor pebble tiles are not going to show stains like other tiles. They are multi colored so most stains will simply fade into the colors of the stone. If something spills on your pebble tile make sure to clean it up quickly as to prevent staining. Naturally a darker pebble will be more stain resistant than a white one but they both should not take a stain very easily.

If you like to idea of using pebble tile on your bathroom floor but aren’t convinced yet, check out our gallery of bathrooms that have pebble tile installed:


Discount Pebble Tiles at Pebble Tile Shop!

Pebble tile can be used in large installations as well as small. Even though many people order our pebble tile for small projects we also services many large installations as well. Many people love to use pebble tile many different large projects. We have seen pebble tile installed along walls, as sidewalks, for backyard projects, in an entire bathroom floor to ceiling, in and around pools, on driveways, and much more. For these large installations most people want to buy discount pebble tiles. These large pebble tile installs can be costly. This is why we carry discount pebble tiles that are the same quality as the more expensive tiles you find in your local tile shop or online.

The best way we prove our quality is samples. Even though we offer our pebble tile a a significant cost reduction to our competitors , we don’t skimp on the quality. If you get a sample you will see that our pebble tile is the highest quality and will stand up next to any other pebble tile on the market.

Commercial installation of pebble tile has been a major source for some of our larger projects. Many contractors who want to buy large quantities of tile for a big commercial installation project have decided that we are the right choice because of our discount pebble tiles. Check out our gallery of pebble tile installation pictures such as restaurant bars, fountains, and whole bathrooms!

Whether your large installation project is for commercial or private purposes we have the best selection of discount pebble tiles. If you are looking for discount pebble tiles for a large or even a small project you will find them here at Pebble Tile Shop!