River Pebble Wall Tiles

Standing pebble tile has so many uses but by far the most popular is as wall tile. Using river pebble wall tiles for a bathroom, shower, or accent wall can add texture and a natural beauty to any space. Stacked pebble tile offers an organic touch that many designers are using these days to update homes, or outdoor and professional spaces. If you are looking for river pebble wall tiles for your project you have come to the right place. We have a great selection of the highest quality stacked pebble tiles. Our standing pebble tiles are made from pebble that are scooped up straight from nature and cut in half. They are then mounted to a mesh backing and stacked up in a beautiful pattern that gives your tile project a unique beauty.

There are several options for stacked pebble tile. The first is the obvious, pebble tiles that are cut in half and stacked. These river pebble wall tiles are round and smooth and give a great design element to water features, showers, retaining walls and more. We have several colors to choose from in this tile that will match any decor and color scheme. Here is a picture of this type of standing pebble tile:


The second standing pebble tile is our standing mosaic tile. This is a tile that is made from larger tiles, broken apart, tumbled smooth, sliced thin and stacked to ensure a flat wall tile that has a smooth surface. This beautiful tile gives texture and interest to accent walls, bathrooms, retaining walls, siding, and much more. We have different stones to choose from that are different colors which gives an options to choose from to match any design. Here is a picture of our standing mosaic tile: