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Shower Floor Tile – Think Natural

Pebble tile is sourced from pebbles that have been in water in their natural habitat. This makes pebble tile a great option for any tile project that will come in regular contact with water. This is one of the many reasons why people choose pebble tile for projects ranging from outdoor pools and waterfalls to shower floor tile. Water and pebble tile get along just fine! When installing pebble tile in an area that will get regular exposure to water you should remember that in order to maintain its beauty you will need to seal the pebble tile. This isn’t because your pebble tile can’t take the water, it is to maintain the look it currently has without fading. When installing shower floor tile or another tile that will get regular water use you really can’t find many natural products that will be good for the environment and also stand up to the water. Pebble tile is one of the few that will do this.

Shower Floor Tile – Think Natural

Contemporary Bathroom by Falls Church Design-build DuBro Architects + Builders

Whatever your project, if it will be submersed in water or just drenched with it daily you should consider our pebble tile. You can get samples to see which color and type you like the best. We suggest you walk on all your samples to get a feel for it, especially for projects where there will be regular walking on it going on as in a shower floor tile or bathroom floor tile. If the bumpiness brothers you consider a sliced pebble tile instead. This gives you all the same great benefits of pebble tile with a flat walking surface.

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