Pebble Bathroom Floor Tiles

Pebble bathroom floor tiles are so popular these days. There are so many ways to use them. Some people will tile their entire bathroom floor with it while others will put it under a tub or on a shower floor. There are a few types of bathroom pebble stone tile. For some the right choice for their project is traditional pebble bathroom floor tile like these:


This pebble bathroom floor has a natural look and is like walking on the beach but in your bathroom. Some people prefer a more flat look for their pebble stone bathroom tile so they opt for a sliced tile like this:


While this look is a very popular pebble bathroom floor tile, there is yet another choice. Our Stone mosaic is also a flat option for those looking for bathroom pebble stone tiles. These mosaic stone tiles install the same but have a very unique look to them.


When choosing a pebble floor for your bathroom you can choose either glazed, polished, or a natural finished to your stone. You will want to seal any finish you go with off to get a long lasting bathroom pebble stone tile that will keep nicely for years to come.

Some tips when looking at pebble bathroom floor tiles? First tip is get a sample! Compare them to each other, put them in the space, and walk on them. This helps not only with choosing the right color but also the type of bathroom pebble stone tile (sliced, natural, or mosaic) The nice thing about pebble tile is it looks great in almost any environment and since it is natural looking it matches all colors and shades of furniture or wall colors. It is really an easy choice when looking for tile, pebble bathroom floor tiles are the way to go!