Pebble Stone Showers – A Popular Choice

Pebble stone has many great uses. Our customers have put pebble stone everywhere from bathrooms to fireplaces. One very popular use of pebble tile is in the bathroom, particularly in the shower. Not only is pebble stone it easy to install in a shower or bathroom but it is made for places where it will come in contact with water. This makes it an easy choice for a bathroom tile project. Whether you decide to put in a pebble stone shower or pebble flooring you can be happy to know that you are choosing a product that is a perfect match for a bathroom.


Contemporary Bathroom by Seattle Architect Motionspace Architecture + Design Pebble stone showers are very popular these days. One of the reasons is that they are all natural. Many people like the feeling that pebble stone showers give them when they enter them. It makes them feel like they are showering in nature. Should we even go as far as saying they feel as though they are showering under a waterfall? If you have been looking at pebble stone showers you may be one of these customers who love the natural look of pebble stone. If you are, then our pebble stone will be perfect in your shower.

When we say pebble stone showers we are talking about a few different types of installation.

The first would be an all over installation where the pebbles are floor to ceiling. This will give you that natural look to your shower that you are looking for. Some people choose to use the pebble stone simply on the floor of the shower as well. There are still others who use pebble stone use it in and around their shower and then have it spilling out in either a path or decorative ‘river’ running out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor Some will have their pebble stone shower simply continue out to cover the bathroom floor as well.

Whatever way you decide to use for pebble stone in a bathroom I would say to consider a pebble stone shower. It will give a natural look to your shower and help maintain a beautiful bathroom for years to come. When your friends come over to your bathroom they are going to love your pebble stone shower!