Black Pebble Backsplash

Pebble tile can be used in so many different capacities. Pebble tile has been used for bathrooms, pools, showers, and as flooring tile a lot. There are some interesting projects we have seen that are very creative that we would like to feature. We are going to feature one today that is one of our favorites however, we would love to feature more from our customers. We love creative uses for pebble tile so if you have one you would like showcased or displayed on our site please send us the images to

One interesting use for pebble tile that we have seen and love is using pebble tile as a black pebble backsplash in a kitchen. This is a creative and perfect use for pebble tile because pebble tile can take a lot of abuse. Using a black pebble backsplash in a kitchen is a gorgeous representation of one of the many creative uses of pebble tile and designers who are thinking outside the box. A black pebble backsplash will hold up well to the heat, water, smoke, oils and moisture that comes along with cooking. The pebbles won’t wear down with all that abuse and pebble tile is easy to keep clean. A black pebble backsplash gives a kitchen a beautiful design element that draws interest, texture, and beauty but is also practical and durable. What a great use for our pebble tile!

We want to feature images and write about your creative design or just plain gorgeous use for our tile. If you have an image of a beautiful, creative project like a black pebble backsplash please send them to us! We will write about and feature them on our blog or other social media sites such as facebook, houzz, and instagram. We love our customers and want to see their finished projects so send us your inspired image today!