Pebble Tile Outdoor

Pebble tile is a very sturdy tile. It can withstand almost anything nature can throw at it. Wind, rain, or abuse will not hurt pebble tile which is why many people install it not only indoors but also outdoors as well. Putting pebble tile outdoor is not only beautiful for many many uses but it is tough and weather resistant which means it will look great for years to come. We have seen pebble tile installed outdoor on patios, in pools, on walls and in fountains. Whatever outdoor space or use for it that you can dream up, pebble tile can be used. Here are a few beautiful pebble tile outdoor projects.

This first project is a pebble tile patio. Pebble tile gives this beautiful patio more elegance and serenity than just concrete. This patio is this a beautiful example of how pebble tile will give an outdoor space a zen feeling that elevates it and created a beautiful escape.


This picture shows a beautiful pool accent using pebble tile outdoor. This shows the versatility of pebble tile taking advantage of our tan pebble tile. It can be used like this, simply as an accent, or you could install the whole pool with pebble tile. We love how the pebble tile gives this pool a little zing that is simple and cheap to do. If all you need is that little extra touch to give your pool or outdoor project a little something extra then you can see here that pebble tile is the way to go.

Whether your pebble tile outdoor project if large or small we are here to help with any questions you have or to help you pick out the right tile. Please feel free to contact us! We love the use of pebble tile outdoors so please send us your images of your pebble tile outdoor projects and we may even put them up on our website.