Bathroom Floor Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are a great choice for many projects. In particular a very popular place to put them is in the bathroom. Our bathroom floor pebble tiles are made to be a perfect choice for your bathroom. The floor of a bathroom needs a tile that is resistant to water, easy to clean, and doesn’t show stains. Pebble tiles are all three.

Bathroom floor pebble tiles provide a water resistant floor that will not soak the water into the tile and then cause it to puddle under like some other tiles do. There are no cracks for water to seep under since they are grouted. After you install the pebble tile you will want to seal it off to keep your pebble tile in the best shape to enjoy for years to come.

Pebble tile is really easy to clean. Bathroom floor pebble tiles can be mopped with a mild cleaning solution. It is really a simple product to keep clean that doesn’t need a lot of upkeep to maintain its beautiful appearance. Simply use a mild cleaner with your mop or other cleaning tool once a week or so and your bathroom floor pebble tiles will be beautiful for many many years.


Contemporary Bathroom by Los Angeles Interior Designer Susan Jay Design

Bathroom floor pebble tiles are not going to show stains like other tiles. They are multi colored so most stains will simply fade into the colors of the stone. If something spills on your pebble tile make sure to clean it up quickly as to prevent staining. Naturally a darker pebble will be more stain resistant than a white one but they both should not take a stain very easily. If you like to idea of using pebble tile on your bathroom floor but aren’t convinced yet, check out our gallery of bathrooms that have pebble tile installed: