Pebble Tile Shower Floors – Easily Enhance Your Shower with Pebble Tile

From enameled porcelain and stones, to glass and stainless steel mosaics, there are so many options available in the market for you to choose the best tiles for your bathroom. Unlike the aforementioned kinds of tiles, some types of tiles, however, are hard to maintain such as sandstones and limestone which are porous and prone to stains. There are also some exceptions, like enameled porcelain, in using certain kinds of tiles. But since enameled porcelain is glazed, using them on bathroom floors is not advisable since it may cause accidents because of its slippery glazed surface texture.

For many years, the use of pebble tiles for bathtub walls, bathtub surfaces, shower walls, and decorative flooring have gained popularity all over the world. The most common pebble tile used today is the river pebble tile. They are handpicked to guarantee consistent dimensions, shape and texture. In fact, homeowners with pebble tile floors appreciate the “shiatsu-like” experience they get after walking barefoot on them.

Another reason why pebble tiles are popular for shower floors is that despite getting wet, they do not become slippery. They are ideal for walking on in wet surfaces since they provide strong contact friction. In addition, pebble tiles are reasonably inexpensive and are easy to install, compared to other types of tiles. You don”t need tiling experts to install pebble tiles for you because with the right tools, you can even do it yourself. You just need to have basic tools such as grout, grout float, thinset, mortar, sponge, trowel, scissors, paint brush, and sealant. To install pebble tiles, first apply a sealant on the pebbles prior to tiling.

Then, apply the thinset over the surface of the floor using a trowel and set the stone tiles beside each other. Lastly, using grout, fill the space between the stones and use a wet sponge to wipe the extra grout off the surface of the pebbles.

In addition, the pebble tile’s edge over other types of tiling material doesn’t stop there. Because of its aesthetic, natural look and unique seamless interlock system, ugly areas where tiles connect are kept out of sight. This also gives Do-It-Yourself homeowners the chance to explore their creativity in installing pebble tiles. All you need to do is cut the interlock with scissors and manually setting the stones or cutting the pebbles themselves into even straight lines with a tile saw. Some homeowners have designed entire rooms using pebble tiles including countertops and places behind vanity mirrors. Others have even decorated the outdoor areas of their homes with pebble tiles to create a luxurious and elegant ambiance.

Glazed, sliced, mini, and mosaic flat tiles are just some of the many types of pebble tiles you can install on shower floors. Here at Pebble Tile Shop, you are guaranteed to acquire the perfect tile for your color scheme and design. We have colors from tan, green, ocean blue, black, red, mixed colors, and so much more!