Natural Pebble Shower Floors

Pebble tile is an organic solution to flooring tile that is carbon neutral, beautiful, and friendly to the environment. These are some of the many reasons that people are installing pebble tile flooring in bathrooms, showers, fireplaces, and many more places. Whether you decide your interest is in natural pebble shower floors, bathroom floors, pool covering, or the like you will be happy to know that you are buying a flooring product that is not only beautiful but also completely organic. These gorgeous tiles are made from pebbles scooped from beaches. They have been tumbled smooth by nature itself.


Once the pebbles are collected they are mounted to a mesh backing and come to you ready to be mounted and installed as flooring. Natural pebble shower floors, bathroom floors, kitchen floors and the like are water resistant (they have been in water their whole life) and durable (What can hurt rock? Not much, and certainly not you walking on it). These qualities are perfect for a flooring tile. Natural pebble shower floors, bathroom floors, and all pebble flooring throughout a home will give an update and beauty to a space that can’t be duplicated. Only the highest quality pebbles are used for our pebble tile so you are sure of getting the longest lasting, beautiful product on the market. Many people are beginning to take our natural pebble tile flooring outdoors as well. You can install it in water features, on paths or walkways, in pools and spas as well. We have even seen natural pebble shower floors installed in outdoor showers in homes or on beaches where they have outdoor showers. Whether you choose to install it indoor or outdoor, in a pool or as natural pebble shower floors, you will be happy with the result.

Please let us know if you have questions about your natural pebble shower floors, or other installation project. We would love to help answer questions in any way.