Pebble Tile Shower Pans

Many people these days are using pebble tile for all sorts of bathroom projects. One of the most popular uses of pebble tile in a bathroom is in the shower. We love to see pebble tile shower pans, walls and enclosures. Pebble tile makes such a beautiful and functional shower. Not only is pebble tile waterproof and durable it is beautiful and natural making it a great option for a shower.

When using pebble tile in your shower you want to make sure you pick the right size color and style. Most people love natural pebble tile beneath their feet. They say it is like a massage on their feet. However when putting in pebble tile shower pans many people like to get a samples of our sliced or mosaic pebble tile as well just to get an idea of the different ‘feel’ beneath your feet that you would get with either tile. This helps to have an informed decision as to which pebble tile to install.

Once you have installed your pebble tile shower pans, walls, or enclosures you want to make sure you seal it. This will keep your pebble tile looking beautiful for a long time and make it more durable with cleaning. Cleaning pebble tile is simple. Use a non abrasive cleaning chemical and a light scrub brush once a week or so and you will have beautifully clean pebble tile that will keep its beauty for years to come.

Whether you are interested in pebble tile shower pans or installing it in the whole shower we would love to help you decide if pebble tile is right for your shower construction project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Check out our gallery of pebble tile shower projects including pebble tile shower pans here: