Sliced Polished Pebble Flooring

When putting in a new pebble tile floor there are a few things you should decide on to ensure you get exactly what you want. The first thing that needs a decided upon is the type of walking surface you like. Traditional pebble tile will give you an uneven walking surface that some love and some do not. A sliced pebble tile will give you a more flat walking surface. Another decision you should make is whether to go with natural or polished pebble tile. Here are a few pictures to help you tell the difference. This first one is a natural sliced pebble tile flooring


This second picture is a sliced polished pebble flooring


As you can see in both pictures the sliced polished pebble flooring has a shinier surface than the natural product does. This is really a matter of preference but it should definitely be considered before installing the tile in order to get the look you are going for. Polished and natural pebble tiles come in both traditional and sliced varieties and this was just one example. The last decision you need to make when buying pebble tile is the most obvious and it is color selection. This can be difficult to choose so make sure you talk with your contractor and a few friends in order to decide on color and ensure you get a product that you will love for years to come.

In order to get the look you want we suggest you get a few samples before you make all these decisions. Get a few samples of each variety. You may find that while you were leaning toward a traditional natural pebble tile, once you get the samples you may find that you actually love the sliced polished pebble flooring. You just never know until you hold it and walk on it which one will strike a chord with you or look better with the decor in your room. So the best way to make decisions is to touch, see, and walk on a few different varieties of pebble flooring before you buy.