Pebble Shower Wall Tile

Looking at pebble tile for a shower? Many people stop at the floor when using pebble tile in a shower. What these people don’t know is that one of the best uses for our pebble tile is all over your shower, including your shower walls! Of course you can use our standard pebbles, sliced pebbles, and mosaic pebbles on shower walls. These are the most used pebbles for shower wall tiles. There are also some other ways to use pebble shower wall tiles that you may not have considered that will be quite unique, modern, and beautiful. Let’s take a look at a few different ways to use pebble tiles on your shower walls.

Check out this pebble wall tile called standing pebble tile:


Standing pebble tile is a great option for use on shower walls. Some say it has a ‘waterfall’ look to it. Standing pebble tile gives your pebble shower wall tile a very ‘natural’ feel to it. It is easy to keep clean and looks amazing. If you want to feel like you are showing in nature under a waterfall, this tile is a great option!

Now check out another way to use pebble shower wall tile. This is a shower wall where our standard pebbles in black were used to create a design in the tile.


As you can see, using pebble shower wall tile as a design in your shower can give an interesting, unique look to your shower walls and break up the monotony. It will give your shower wall that punch it needs to go from flat and boring, to beautiful and unique. Pebble shower wall tile can be used in many different ways to spruce up a shower and bathroom. For more ideas, check out our Pebble Shower Tile Gallery!