Sliced Pebble Tile Bathrooms

For those looking for a project to spruce up a bathroom, look no further than our sliced pebble tile. Sliced pebble tile can work on the floor, in the shower, on the walls, or just about anywhere in a bathroom, even around a tub or toilet! A sliced pebble tile bathroom will have your friends oooing and aaahing over your remodeled or new bathroom. So what is so great about sliced pebble tile? Well there are the obvious answers like how natural and pretty it looks, it doesn’t show the dirt and is easy to clean. Some people love the flat feel of sliced pebble tile on their feet or in the shower as well. What you may not consider when thinking of a benefit of creating a sliced pebble tile bathroom is that it is eco friendly. No man made pebbles here. Some tile is manufactured in a facility, not pebble tile. Pebble tile comes straight from the earth which not only gives your bathroom an earthy look but it gives your conscience a pat on the back for making the right choice in tile for the earth and for your bathroom.


Traditional Bathroom by Chicago Interior Designer Noble Design Group

You may be wondering, why a sliced pebble tile bathroom? What is the difference between sliced and traditional pebble tile? You can see the difference here in these two images. The first one is our sliced pebble tile:


This second one is traditional pebble tile:


You can see that the only difference between our sliced and traditional pebble tile is that the sliced has the rounded top litterally ‘sliced’ off. This makes for a flat finish that some people love to install in a sliced pebble tile bathroom. Our pebble tile is of the highest quality at rock bottom pricing. Get a sample and you will see that our pebble tile stacks up to all of our competitors tile and is a sturdy, quality product. Whether installing it on the floor, wall, a shower you can be sure our sliced pebble tile will look great in your space for years to come! So if you have been on the fence, jump over and install a sliced pebble tile bathroom today!