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How to Install Pebble Tile

Pebble tile is extremely easy to install as a Do-it-yourself project! If you have installed any type of tile before you will find pebble tile a breeze to work with because it does not have to be exactly plumb and no spacers are required. Even if you have no experience with tiling you can achieve professional quality results on your own easily with our product!

1) Tools Needed for Pebble Tile Installation - Sponge, 1/2" V Notch Trowel, Grout Float, Stiff Brush, Gloves

2) Apply the mastic (usually Thinset or Quikset) with the trowel first using the flat side and then followed by using the notches to ensure an even coat.

3) Place the pebble tile onto the mastic. Be sure the edges of each tile are as close together as possible to ensure a seamless look.

4) Use the grout float to apply even pressure to the pebbles and press them onto the mastic - take care not to press so hard that the mastic oozes up between the individual stones.

5) After the mastic has set up according to the manufacturers instructions we recommend applying a coat of sealer. At this stage you can use either a matte or high gloss sealer & enhancer to change the look of the stones. Sealing now prevents grout from sticking to the tops of the pebbles.

6) Use a sanded grout on 1 sq.ft. sections at a time until the entire area is covered. For ease of use we recommend pre-mixed grout.

7) Allow the grout to set for not longer than 30 minutes. After this time use the stiff brush to remove any excess grout and reveal as much of the top of the stones as you desire.

8) Use the sponge to continue to remove grout until you achieve the look you want. Once the grout has setup completely according to the manufcaturers instructions we recommend re-sealing in order to protect bot the pebbles and the grout.

We have had customers from all walks of life install our products with simply amazing results and we know you can too! If you have any other installation questions please feel free to Contact Us!