Green River Rock Tiles

Pebble tile is a great option for many different reasons. Of course we love that it is so versatile, it can go in almost any space indoor or outdoor. We also love that it is durable and beautiful. One other great feature is that pebble tile has to many options to choose from. You could go with a tan sliced pebble or green river rock tiles. The variety of options are many! If you choose for instance to go with the green river rock tiles, you could also choose between traditional pebbles or sliced green river rock tiles. The fact that there are so many varieties to choose from mean you are sure to find the perfect tile for your project. Here are some different projects that show the variety of tiles and how they can be used.

This first project is a bathroom. You can see why bathrooms are a popular place to put tile. This green pebble tile really makes for a beautiful feature wall.


This next project is using green river rock tiles for an outdoor soaking tub. Doesn't it look so relaxing? This is one of the many outdoor uses for our tile including pools, fountains, and more!


This last project is a beautiful show floor featuring ‘Sea Green’ river rock tile. This really shows the versatility of the tile. Your shower floor or bathroom can really get a pop of style when using pebble tile


Whether you are going with a traditional project like the tan pebble tile in the bathroom or a more unusual project like the outdoor tub with green river rock tiles you can find the right pebble tile to suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your project. We are happy to help!