Pebble Shower Flooring

It can be exciting and fun to remodel your shower. There are many people who are taking this project on these days and they are looking for updated options to make their shower beautiful, functional and perhaps a bit fun as well! When looking into remodeling your shower one of the first questions you may come across will be about what tile you want to use. Do you want to tile your shower floor or put in a shower floor pan? Most people would choose to tile their shower floor if given the option. Not only does it look better but it holds up better as well. There are no seams to come loose and begin to leak with time and the shower floor is one of the first places to break down with wear and tear over time. This is the reason why many people choose a quality tile instead.

We have many customers who are choosing pebble shower flooring for their shower remodel project. The reasons are many for this. For one, pebble shower flooring gives a beautiful modern look to your shower that won’t ever look ‘dated’ since it is a natural product. Rocks simply don’t go out of style. Pebble shower flooring is also durable. The pebble’s come from nature so they can withstand all the elements that nature or you can throw at them including walking on them and water. There are no seams to break down with age. Pebble tile just simply holds up year after year. The third main reason our customers are choosing pebble shower flooring is because this flooring is very comfortable. Many people love the natural feel of pebble tile beneath their feet.

Whatever your reason may be for installing a pebble shower floor you will be happy you did. Pebble tile will give your shower a natural beauty that will last a long time and you will be able to enjoy the feel beneath your feet for a long time to come. Pebble shower flooring is a popular choice for good reason. Check out some images of more pebble shower flooring in our Pebble Tile Shower Gallery!