Black Pebble Floor – Color Options

There are so many colors of pebble tile to go with so how do you decide. Sometimes this decision will have as much to so with the area you are installing the pebble tile as you aesthetic and taste. For instance a black pebble floor may be right in your bathroom but could not look right in a different area. Perhaps you would like a beachy look in your shower? A tan and white might look the best. The decision of color is a big one so don’t take it lightly. You will have that black pebble floor for years to come so you want to make sure you will love the color all those years.

We recommend when choosing a pebble tile color that you get a few samples. Get samples of the colors that jump out at you initially, but I would throw in a few that may not have. When you get them in your space you may change your mind on what you thought would look good. When you get the samples walk on them. Perhaps you may want a sliced pebble tile instead Or maybe you love the feel of traditional pebble tile beneath your feet. Make sure you walk on them as well as look at them.


Choosing a color of pebble tile can be difficult. There are so many colors and varieties. If you know for instance that you want a black pebble floor, you may get hung up between traditional or mosaic. Get a sample of both! That way when you order your black pebble tile you will know you made the right choice. Most importantly when choosing a pebble tile color, have fun! You know you are getting a great product no matter what color you choose so enjoy the process! Happy pebble color hunting!