Outdoor Pebble Floor Tile FAQs

Have you ever seen outdoor pebble floor tiled installed and thought that it looked beautiful but you weren’t sure if you would want it for your outdoor project? There are a few objections to installing pebble tile outdoors or even indoors that we would like to address here. Not everyone who loves the look of pebble tile knows for sure it is the right tile for them. Here are our answers to a few of the main concerns people have when installing outdoor pebble floor tile.

Is is durable?

Answer: Yes! It can withstand rain, wind, lots of walking traction, and running water as in a fountain or pool. Since our pebble’s originate in the water of rivers and beaches they are used to a lot of abuse from nature and can hold up to almost anything you can throw at it. This means your pebble tile project will last a long time and still look great.

Is it comfortable to walk on?

Answer: Yes! This is a big concern when installing pebble tile on the floor whether indoor or outdoor. Our customers love the feel of our pebble tile beneath their feet. Many say it is like a massage on their feet! However if you are still not sure you should consider our Sliced Pebble Tile. This will give you the same look with a flat walking surface.

Is it easy to clean?

Answer: Yes! Pebble tile is simple to clean. You use a non harsh chemical cleaner and a scrub brush and clean as you normally would. We suggest you use a good sealer when you install it to keep it protected and that will also keep your tile looking nice for years to come. When installing outdoor pebble floor tile all you need to do in order to clean it is hose it down. These are the top questions we get from customers who are looking at installing indoor or outdoor pebble floor tile. If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact us! We would love to answer any questions.