Natural Pebble Shower Floors

Pebble tile is an organic solution to flooring tile that is carbon neutral, beautiful, and friendly to the environment. These are some of the many reasons that people are installing pebble tile flooring in bathrooms, showers, fireplaces, and many more places. Whether you decide your interest is in natural pebble shower floors, bathroom floors, pool covering, or the like you will be happy to know that you are buying a flooring product that is not only beautiful but also completely organic. These gorgeous tiles are made from pebbles scooped from beaches. They have been tumbled smooth by nature itself.


Once the pebbles are collected they are mounted to a mesh backing and come to you ready to be mounted and installed as flooring. Natural pebble shower floors, bathroom floors, kitchen floors and the like are water resistant (they have been in water their whole life) and durable (What can hurt rock? Not much, and certainly not you walking on it). These qualities are perfect for a flooring tile. Natural pebble shower floors, bathroom floors, and all pebble flooring throughout a home will give an update and beauty to a space that can’t be duplicated. Only the highest quality pebbles are used for our pebble tile so you are sure of getting the longest lasting, beautiful product on the market. Many people are beginning to take our natural pebble tile flooring outdoors as well. You can install it in water features, on paths or walkways, in pools and spas as well. We have even seen natural pebble shower floors installed in outdoor showers in homes or on beaches where they have outdoor showers. Whether you choose to install it indoor or outdoor, in a pool or as natural pebble shower floors, you will be happy with the result.

Please let us know if you have questions about your natural pebble shower floors, or other installation project. We would love to help answer questions in any way.

Polished White Pebble Tiles

Our polished pebble tile line is a gorgeous option we present to the consumer who loves the polished finish to stone rather than a matte, natural finish. When you look at our polished pebble tile you will see a shining finish that does not come from a glaze. This finish gives the stone a beautiful ‘gemstone’ like quality. We carry polished white pebble tiles, as well as polished mixed river, polished tiger’s eye, black, amber, and red. This gives the customer many options to choose from. When choosing, a customer should consider a few things. The first is color. Many people opt for a neutral color that will go with any decor as the styles change such as polished white pebble tiles or polished black pebble tiles. Although these are going to be the most versatile, the other polished colors are going to go well in almost any space as well since they are made from natural stone and nature goes with anything.

Polished white pebble tiles, black, red, amber, or the like give an updated look to a space and provide a finished look that comes from polishing and not from a glaze. These tiles look more expensive and provide a luxuriousness to a home or space that can’t be matched. If you want an all natural product for your tiling project that also looks rich and opulent then go for the polished pebble tiles. Whether you choose polished white pebble tiles, polished tiger’s eye, or polished red, you won’t be disappointed with the results. If you have any questions about our polished pebble tiles please let us know. We love all our tile from our polished white pebble tiles to our polished red so we would love to help you get as many samples as possible in order to get the most comprehensive look of our tiles as possible. We want to help you make the best decision for your tiling project so you are happy with the results so please let us know how we can help.

Black Pebble Backsplash

Pebble tile can be used in so many different capacities. Pebble tile has been used for bathrooms, pools, showers, and as flooring tile a lot. There are some interesting projects we have seen that are very creative that we would like to feature. We are going to feature one today that is one of our favorites however, we would love to feature more from our customers. We love creative uses for pebble tile so if you have one you would like showcased or displayed on our site please send us the images to

One interesting use for pebble tile that we have seen and love is using pebble tile as a black pebble backsplash in a kitchen. This is a creative and perfect use for pebble tile because pebble tile can take a lot of abuse. Using a black pebble backsplash in a kitchen is a gorgeous representation of one of the many creative uses of pebble tile and designers who are thinking outside the box. A black pebble backsplash will hold up well to the heat, water, smoke, oils and moisture that comes along with cooking. The pebbles won’t wear down with all that abuse and pebble tile is easy to keep clean. A black pebble backsplash gives a kitchen a beautiful design element that draws interest, texture, and beauty but is also practical and durable. What a great use for our pebble tile!

We want to feature images and write about your creative design or just plain gorgeous use for our tile. If you have an image of a beautiful, creative project like a black pebble backsplash please send them to us! We will write about and feature them on our blog or other social media sites such as facebook, houzz, and instagram. We love our customers and want to see their finished projects so send us your inspired image today!

River Pebble Wall Tiles

Standing pebble tile has so many uses but by far the most popular is as wall tile. Using river pebble wall tiles for a bathroom, shower, or accent wall can add texture and a natural beauty to any space. Stacked pebble tile offers an organic touch that many designers are using these days to update homes, or outdoor and professional spaces. If you are looking for river pebble wall tiles for your project you have come to the right place. We have a great selection of the highest quality stacked pebble tiles. Our standing pebble tiles are made from pebble that are scooped up straight from nature and cut in half. They are then mounted to a mesh backing and stacked up in a beautiful pattern that gives your tile project a unique beauty.

There are several options for stacked pebble tile. The first is the obvious, pebble tiles that are cut in half and stacked. These river pebble wall tiles are round and smooth and give a great design element to water features, showers, retaining walls and more. We have several colors to choose from in this tile that will match any decor and color scheme. Here is a picture of this type of standing pebble tile:


The second standing pebble tile is our standing mosaic tile. This is a tile that is made from larger tiles, broken apart, tumbled smooth, sliced thin and stacked to ensure a flat wall tile that has a smooth surface. This beautiful tile gives texture and interest to accent walls, bathrooms, retaining walls, siding, and much more. We have different stones to choose from that are different colors which gives an options to choose from to match any design. Here is a picture of our standing mosaic tile:


Stacked Pebble Tile

Stacked pebble tile (or sometimes referred to as standing pebble tile) is made from the same pebbles as traditional pebble tile. The difference is that with stacked pebble tile the pebbles are cut in half and then mounted on a mesh backing to make an upward pattern that is perfect as a wall tile. When using stacked pebble tiles on walls, feature walls, showers, tub surrounds, retaining walls, or water features you will get a natural ‘outdoor’ feel to your project that is water resistant and easy to maintain.

If you are curious, here is a look at our stacked pebble tile. As you can see, the pebbles will give a ‘waterfall’ effect to a project and really bring a ‘zen’ like feel to a space.


People love stacked pebble tile because it adds texture and interest to a space that is durable and neutral. This tile is nature itself brought indoor so it doesn’t go out of style. Our pebbles have been tumbled smooth by water or waves and are scooped up, mounted and sent to your door. You can be sure that they are an eco friendly option that will be beautiful for years to come. Stacked pebble tile can be used indoors or outdoors in almost any space and capacity you can imagine. If you like the look of stacked pebble tile, don’t forget to get a samples of our standing mosaic tile as well. You can never have too many options! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your project. We love to help people find the right pebble tile for their project. We carry a large selection of pebble tile, mosaic tile, standing or stacked pebble tile, as well as sliced pebble tile. With all these options you may feel a bit overwhelmed. We are here to help!

Pebble Mosaic Tile

Pebble Mosaic Tile is a version of pebble tile that is made up of larger stones that are broken apart and then tumbled smooth. The stones are placed in a unique and and organized pattern that is mounted on a mesh backing. This gives pebble mosaic tile a beautiful, natural ‘rock’ like look to your tiling project. What is great about Pebble Mosaic Tile is that it has a completely flat surface. When used as flooring or in a shower pan, many people love the feel of natural pebble tile beneath their feet. It has been said that it is like a massage for your feet. However some have issue with it or have sensitive feet for one reason or another, so pebble mosaic tile is a good option for those people. You still get that natural look but with the flat walking surface on your floor or in your shower.


Pebble mosaic tile works well being used in that same ways as traditional pebble tile. This tile can be used indoor or outdoor in almost any capacity. Because it is durable, water resistant, and organic it works well for pools, fireplaces, backsplashes, showers, spa’s, tub surrounds, water features, walls and much much more. This tile comes straight from nature so it can put up with a lot of abuse and still look beautiful and new. However to prolong that look you will want to seal your tile. This will protect it from chemicals that are present in most households and will keep that rock looking gorgeous for a long long time. If you have any questions about whether pebble mosaic tile is the right tile for your space please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to get you a few samples and help you pick the perfect tile that you will be happy with for years to come.


Pebble Tile Shower Floor

Looking for the perfect tile for your bathroom and shower? Confused, desperate, and overwhelmed? We have the perfect option for that bathroom project. Pebble tile is a gorgeous tile that is perfect for the bathroom. Many people love to put in a pebble tile shower floor, bathroom floor, tub surround, shower enclosure or even backsplash. The reason pebble tile is so popular for bathroom remodels or new construction is because it is so versatile. Pebble tile comes in many types and colors from natural, sliced to mosaic and red to black, it will fit any space and any project perfectly. Also people love out tile because it is all natural. It is simply pebbles or rock, nothing fancy or plastic, just materials used from the earth. Another advantage to using pebble tile is that it is water resistant. That water resistance is why so many people choose to put in a pebble tile shower floor, tub surround, shower wall, or bathroom floor. Wherever you install pebble tile in a bathroom you won’t have t worry about water damaging it.


Pebble tile is very durable. Many people have found that pebble tile in a bathroom is the perfect option because of the durability. Water, walking on it, cleaning it, and whatever natural wear and tear you would do on a bathroom will not phase pebble tile. You can be sure that when you install that pebble tile shower floor that you will be looking at that beauty for years to come.

If you have been thinking about using pebble tile in your bathroom but aren’t sure where to begin, please contact us. Maybe you have questions or concerns. We can help! Don’t hesitate to be one of the many many people who took the leap and installed that shower, pebble tile shower floor or bathroom floor. You won’t regret walking into a spa looking bathroom that brings the ‘zen’ feeling of nature to you.

Wholesale Standing Pebble Tile

Looking for quality pebble tile at rock bottom prices? Look no further! Here at Pebble Tile Shop we strive to give our customers exactly what they want: Quality tile products, excellent customer service, and great prices. With our low price guarantee you can be sure you are paying the very best price for that beautiful tile you want. Some of you out there are looking for wholesale standing pebble tile, some want low priced sliced pebble tile, and others are looking for inexpensive standard pebble tile. Whatever your price point we can find the right pebble tile for you.


Not only is our pebble tile the best price on the market but it is the best quality you can get. For example, our wholesale standing pebble tile is scooped up from nature, tumbled smooth, cut in half and then mounted to a mesh backing that allows this organic tile an easy installation. You can only get that quality look from using real pebbles. Finding a quality wholesale standing pebble tile like this is difficult to do but we feel like we have provided just that.

Our pebble tile, sliced pebble tile, mosaic tile, and standing mosaic tile along with the wholesale standing pebble tile we just mentioned are all made from the most quality stone and brought to you at rock bottom prices. How do we do it? We cut out the middleman. We distribute our pebble tile straight to the consumer. What does that mean to you? You get your wholesale standing pebble tile, pebble tile, sliced pebble tile, or mosaic tile at the best price possible and you don’t have to worry about quality. So if you love the look of pebble tile for your next project but are afraid it is too expensive, think again. At Pebble Tile Shop, you can have your cake and eat it too. You can get that expensive look, at a not so expensive price. Order a sample today and compare our tile to any other on the market. We know you will be happy and choose to use this tile for your next project!

Pebble Tile Kitchen Wall

Of the many uses of pebble tile there are out there, we have found that a few spaces are overlooked but provide a beautiful median for our tile. One space we love to see pebble tile in but don’t often enough is the kitchen. Many people will pebble tile a kitchen wall or use it as a backsplash, or accent tile Of course the kitchen floor is a perfect place for pebble tile because it is waterproof, hardy, and easy to keep clean. Not to mentions it resists staining and looks gorgeous. Whether you decide to put in a pebble tile kitchen wall or floor, you should not overlook pebble tile as a perfect option for your kitchen project,. Kitchens and pebble tile are a perfect match. Kitchens are not however the only room in the house that pebble tile can be used in.


In addition to the kitchen, many people often don’t think to use pebble tile in entryways, laundry rooms, hallways, or as tub or fireplace surrounds. The traditional uses for pebble tile like bathrooms, showers, and pools are not the only places that we have seen our pebble tile installed and LOVED the look. When thinking about using pebble tile don’t be afraid to get creative. Why not install it as an accent tile or as a baseboard. Pebble tile is sturdy, watertight, all natural, and beautiful. There is almost no limit to uses you can think of for it. So go ahead, put in that pebble tile kitchen wall and see how many people ask you “Where did you get that idea? Pebble tile in your… (you fill in the blank, get creative!) I love that pebble tile!.” We know you will love it wherever you install it. Please feel free to contact us to help with the right samples or with any questions you may have. We love to help!

Pebble Stone Backsplash

Pebble tile is very popular these days for projects in everything from bathrooms to kitchens, and even outdoors. Using pebble tile in big projects such as pools or showers is a major way people use our tile. However lets not forget that our pebble’s looks great in smaller projects like as an accent tile or a pebble stone backsplash tile. When using our tile on a smaller project such as a pebble stone backsplash don’t forget that the same steps apply as using it in a big project. You still need to seal the tile in order to ensure a beautiful tile for years to come.

Using pebble tile for a smaller project can be a fun weekend project that is easy to do and can give your space an update without breaking the budget. If you want to put in pebble stone tile in a smaller space it will be very easy to do. Just follow a few easy steps laid out here:

Whether your small project calls for a pebble stone backsplash or entryway re-tile you will be happy with the look and ease of using pebble tile. Our pebble stone tile is the highest quality and very durable. You can use our pebble tile for any small tiling project easily, such as in a shower pan, on a fireplace (indoor or even an outdoor fire pit), accent wall, under a tub, or in a pebble stone backsplash. Be creative! There are so many more uses for our beautiful pebble stone tile. Happy Tiling!

If you need ideas for a specific room using pebble tile you can look through our photo gallery to help you get your creative juices flowing:

Pebblestone Tiles Bathroom

Pebblestone tiles can turn any bathroom into an escape. Don’t you wish your bathroom looked like this?


Our Pebblestone tile can take an ordinary bathroom and transform it into a zen space that brings the outdoors inside. A pebblestone tiles bathroom like this one is the epitome of what we are about. We desire that our pebblestone tiles bring luxury and comfort into your home. We work hard to help you pick the right tile because we want you to not only love the finished product but to enjoy the process of completing your pebblestone tiles bathroom as well. When deciding on which tile to use you should check out our gallery of pebblestone tiles bathrooms here:

Pebblestone pictures

This gallery will help you decide whether you like pebblestone tiles used on the floor, in the shower, in a decorative pattern or standard, whether you like sliced or mosaic better, what colors you like best and much much more. Of course if the gallery just isn’t enough to decide how you want your pebblestone tiles bathroom to look we are here for you. We can send you samples of colors or comparison of flat (sliced or mosaic) or traditional pebblestone tiles, or we can talk you through the decision in our live chat or over the phone. We want our customers to get that beautiful retreat they are looking for in a bathroom. Here is just one more pebblestone tiles bathroom to drool over to help you decide:


Outdoor Pebble Floor Tile FAQs

Have you ever seen outdoor pebble floor tiled installed and thought that it looked beautiful but you weren’t sure if you would want it for your outdoor project? There are a few objections to installing pebble tile outdoors or even indoors that we would like to address here. Not everyone who loves the look of pebble tile knows for sure it is the right tile for them. Here are our answers to a few of the main concerns people have when installing outdoor pebble floor tile.

Is is durable?

Answer: Yes! It can withstand rain, wind, lots of walking traction, and running water as in a fountain or pool. Since our pebble’s originate in the water of rivers and beaches they are used to a lot of abuse from nature and can hold up to almost anything you can throw at it. This means your pebble tile project will last a long time and still look great.

Is it comfortable to walk on?

Answer: Yes! This is a big concern when installing pebble tile on the floor whether indoor or outdoor. Our customers love the feel of our pebble tile beneath their feet. Many say it is like a massage on their feet! However if you are still not sure you should consider our Sliced Pebble Tile. This will give you the same look with a flat walking surface.

Is it easy to clean?

Answer: Yes! Pebble tile is simple to clean. You use a non harsh chemical cleaner and a scrub brush and clean as you normally would. We suggest you use a good sealer when you install it to keep it protected and that will also keep your tile looking nice for years to come. When installing outdoor pebble floor tile all you need to do in order to clean it is hose it down. These are the top questions we get from customers who are looking at installing indoor or outdoor pebble floor tile. If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact us! We would love to answer any questions.

Pebble Tile Shower Pans

Many people these days are using pebble tile for all sorts of bathroom projects. One of the most popular uses of pebble tile in a bathroom is in the shower. We love to see pebble tile shower pans, walls and enclosures. Pebble tile makes such a beautiful and functional shower. Not only is pebble tile waterproof and durable it is beautiful and natural making it a great option for a shower.

When using pebble tile in your shower you want to make sure you pick the right size color and style. Most people love natural pebble tile beneath their feet. They say it is like a massage on their feet. However when putting in pebble tile shower pans many people like to get a samples of our sliced or mosaic pebble tile as well just to get an idea of the different ‘feel’ beneath your feet that you would get with either tile. This helps to have an informed decision as to which pebble tile to install.

Once you have installed your pebble tile shower pans, walls, or enclosures you want to make sure you seal it. This will keep your pebble tile looking beautiful for a long time and make it more durable with cleaning. Cleaning pebble tile is simple. Use a non abrasive cleaning chemical and a light scrub brush once a week or so and you will have beautifully clean pebble tile that will keep its beauty for years to come.

Whether you are interested in pebble tile shower pans or installing it in the whole shower we would love to help you decide if pebble tile is right for your shower construction project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Check out our gallery of pebble tile shower projects including pebble tile shower pans here:

Outdoor Pebble Tile

Our pebble tiles are so versatile that you can use them in almost any capacity that has use for a tile/ They are great for either indoor or outdoor use. Some people wonder where they can install it. It is a simple answer: anywhere!

When using pebble tiles indoors we have seen it used in bathrooms, kitchens, walkways, laundry rooms, and even as a backsplash. We have also seen entryways’ mud rooms, and tub surrounds installed with pebble tile. There are so many uses we couldn’t possibly name them all here, but when using pebble tile indoors you are sure to get a beautiful natural look to any floor or wall in your home, office or professional space.

When using outdoor pebble tile you could install them on a patio, in a pool, in a pond or waterfall feature, on walls and so much more. Outdoor pebble tile give any setting a beautiful look that is straight from nature. Outdoor pebble tile will blend beautifully and naturally to any outside setting. We highly recommend our pebbles for outdoor use as we have seen is used is so many gorgeous gardens and outdoor spaces.

With pebble tile being so versatile most people can find a place for it almost anywhere in their home improvement or new construction project. Many people love the look of pebble tile but are often at a loss where to use it. Well hopefully we are proving the answer is most definitely ‘anywhere’.

When using indoor or outdoor pebble tile make sure that you seal the tile in order to get the most out of your project. Sealing it will help it look beautiful for a long time. Pebble tile will give any room or outdoor space a beautiful natural look that is eco friendly and durable. This is one of the many reasons that pebble tile is so popular and will continue to be for a very long time. Here is a link to our images gallery where you can see pebble tile used in many different ways:

Pebble Tiles in Bathrooms

Of the many uses for our tile, by far one of the most popular installations is using pebble tiles in bathrooms. Pebble tile and the bathroom are a match made in heaven. Pebble tiles are not only waterproof and durable but they look great in a bathroom. Some of our favorite installations of pebble tiles in bathrooms are in showers, as tub surrounds, and as flooring, backsplashes, on walls or as shower pans. Here are a few images of our favorite uses of pebble tiles in bathrooms.

The first picture here is a beautiful floor made of pebble tile.


Pebble tile flooring is a great way to use pebble tiles in bathrooms and it not only looks beautiful but it feels great on your feet. There is also a sliced pebble tile for a flat surface if that is your preference.

The second image here is a pebble tile wall in a bathroom.

The reason we love pebble tile on a bathroom wall is not only is moisture no longer an issue with pebble tile being used on the walls because it is waterproof and it is a unique and beautiful feature in any bathroom.

This last image is a beautiful pebble tile shower.


Those who are using pebble tiles in bathrooms are starting to use them in showers more and more. Many people use pebble tile in bathroom showers and as shower pans as well. They make a beautiful natural addition to any shower space.

As you can see there are many uses of pebble tiles in bathrooms. We love them all. Now it is up to you to pick which pebble tile to use for your project. There are sliced, glazed, natural, mosaic, and more. We love them all and we know whichever you choose you will love our pebble tile too!

Pebble Bath Tiles

Many people want their bathroom to be their sanctuary of relaxation. Nothing is more zen than being out in nature. How many of us have sat where there is water present and listened to the sounds? Everyone loves to listen to the ocean, the sounds of the forest or a babbling brook. Many people want to bring this peaceful feeling indoors. We have found that pebble bath tiles create this environment perfectly. Check out this zen bathroom with pebble bath tiles and see what we are talking about.


What we love most about using pebble bath tiles in a bathroom like this, or in a shower, on the walls, or even on the flooring is that it is actually bringing nature inside. Our pebble tiles come straight from nature to you and there is nothing more zen than that. If you want to make your bathroom a peaceful escape from the world where you can shower or bathe surrounded by creation in peaceful beauty then you have come to the right place. Pebble bath tiles are the perfect tile to get that retreat that you are desiring.

Here is another of our favorite escapes using pebble bath tiles.


We love how the pebble tile colors are mixed and made into a swirl pattern. Can you imagine showering in this paradise everyday? Pebble bath tile will turn any bathroom into a serene retreat. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our pebble bath tiles and how to transform your bathroom into a paradise.

Pebble Tile Outdoor

Pebble tile is a very sturdy tile. It can withstand almost anything nature can throw at it. Wind, rain, or abuse will not hurt pebble tile which is why many people install it not only indoors but also outdoors as well. Putting pebble tile outdoor is not only beautiful for many many uses but it is tough and weather resistant which means it will look great for years to come. We have seen pebble tile installed outdoor on patios, in pools, on walls and in fountains. Whatever outdoor space or use for it that you can dream up, pebble tile can be used. Here are a few beautiful pebble tile outdoor projects.

This first project is a pebble tile patio. Pebble tile gives this beautiful patio more elegance and serenity than just concrete. This patio is this a beautiful example of how pebble tile will give an outdoor space a zen feeling that elevates it and created a beautiful escape.


This picture shows a beautiful pool accent using pebble tile outdoor. This shows the versatility of pebble tile taking advantage of our tan pebble tile. It can be used like this, simply as an accent, or you could install the whole pool with pebble tile. We love how the pebble tile gives this pool a little zing that is simple and cheap to do. If all you need is that little extra touch to give your pool or outdoor project a little something extra then you can see here that pebble tile is the way to go.

Whether your pebble tile outdoor project if large or small we are here to help with any questions you have or to help you pick out the right tile. Please feel free to contact us! We love the use of pebble tile outdoors so please send us your images of your pebble tile outdoor projects and we may even put them up on our website.

Green River Rock Tiles

Pebble tile is a great option for many different reasons. Of course we love that it is so versatile, it can go in almost any space indoor or outdoor. We also love that it is durable and beautiful. One other great feature is that pebble tile has to many options to choose from. You could go with a tan sliced pebble or green river rock tiles. The variety of options are many! If you choose for instance to go with the green river rock tiles, you could also choose between traditional pebbles or sliced green river rock tiles. The fact that there are so many varieties to choose from mean you are sure to find the perfect tile for your project. Here are some different projects that show the variety of tiles and how they can be used.

This first project is a bathroom. You can see why bathrooms are a popular place to put tile. This green pebble tile really makes for a beautiful feature wall.


This next project is using green river rock tiles for an outdoor soaking tub. Doesn't it look so relaxing? This is one of the many outdoor uses for our tile including pools, fountains, and more!


This last project is a beautiful show floor featuring ‘Sea Green’ river rock tile. This really shows the versatility of the tile. Your shower floor or bathroom can really get a pop of style when using pebble tile


Whether you are going with a traditional project like the tan pebble tile in the bathroom or a more unusual project like the outdoor tub with green river rock tiles you can find the right pebble tile to suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your project. We are happy to help!

Sliced Polished Pebble Flooring

When putting in a new pebble tile floor there are a few things you should decide on to ensure you get exactly what you want. The first thing that needs a decided upon is the type of walking surface you like. Traditional pebble tile will give you an uneven walking surface that some love and some do not. A sliced pebble tile will give you a more flat walking surface. Another decision you should make is whether to go with natural or polished pebble tile. Here are a few pictures to help you tell the difference. This first one is a natural sliced pebble tile flooring


This second picture is a sliced polished pebble flooring


As you can see in both pictures the sliced polished pebble flooring has a shinier surface than the natural product does. This is really a matter of preference but it should definitely be considered before installing the tile in order to get the look you are going for. Polished and natural pebble tiles come in both traditional and sliced varieties and this was just one example. The last decision you need to make when buying pebble tile is the most obvious and it is color selection. This can be difficult to choose so make sure you talk with your contractor and a few friends in order to decide on color and ensure you get a product that you will love for years to come.

In order to get the look you want we suggest you get a few samples before you make all these decisions. Get a few samples of each variety. You may find that while you were leaning toward a traditional natural pebble tile, once you get the samples you may find that you actually love the sliced polished pebble flooring. You just never know until you hold it and walk on it which one will strike a chord with you or look better with the decor in your room. So the best way to make decisions is to touch, see, and walk on a few different varieties of pebble flooring before you buy.

Pebble Bath Surround

A new and exciting use for our pebble tiles is for a pebble bath surround. This creative use of pebble tiles is making its way indoors and well as outdoors in some of the most exclusive and expensive homes in the nation. We just loved this idea so much that we decided to feature a few examples here. The first example is an outdoor pebble bath surround that turns bathing from a sterile environment to a warm natural setting. Wouldn't you just love to spend all day here?


This next example shows a beautiful black pebble bath surround that gives this room a zen feel. We absolutely love this use of pebble tile and can’t think of a better way to give your room a natural beauty than with river pebbles.


These are just a few examples of ways you could install a pebble bath surround. We have seen people install them on the outside of a built in tub/shower when they want to give their traditional bathroom a cheap and easy splash of design. We have seen them installed as a backsplash in a shower or just as you walk out of the bath a design element. Pebble tiles are a popular and easy way to give some style to your bathroom. A pebble bath surround will not only looks amazing but will be very functional as well which is why we wanted to feature a few today. Contact us today for any help with your pebble bath surround project needs!

Pebble Shower Flooring

It can be exciting and fun to remodel your shower. There are many people who are taking this project on these days and they are looking for updated options to make their shower beautiful, functional and perhaps a bit fun as well! When looking into remodeling your shower one of the first questions you may come across will be about what tile you want to use. Do you want to tile your shower floor or put in a shower floor pan? Most people would choose to tile their shower floor if given the option. Not only does it look better but it holds up better as well. There are no seams to come loose and begin to leak with time and the shower floor is one of the first places to break down with wear and tear over time. This is the reason why many people choose a quality tile instead.

We have many customers who are choosing pebble shower flooring for their shower remodel project. The reasons are many for this. For one, pebble shower flooring gives a beautiful modern look to your shower that won’t ever look ‘dated’ since it is a natural product. Rocks simply don’t go out of style. Pebble shower flooring is also durable. The pebble’s come from nature so they can withstand all the elements that nature or you can throw at them including walking on them and water. There are no seams to break down with age. Pebble tile just simply holds up year after year. The third main reason our customers are choosing pebble shower flooring is because this flooring is very comfortable. Many people love the natural feel of pebble tile beneath their feet.

Whatever your reason may be for installing a pebble shower floor you will be happy you did. Pebble tile will give your shower a natural beauty that will last a long time and you will be able to enjoy the feel beneath your feet for a long time to come. Pebble shower flooring is a popular choice for good reason. Check out some images of more pebble shower flooring in our Pebble Tile Shower Gallery!

Sealing Shower Floor Pebbles is Important

Sealing your shower floor pebbles is an important step in keeping your pebbles looking great for years to come. Before you grout your pebble tiles we recommend you seal them first. This can be done with a good quality penetrating sealer. Don’t be cheap when buying sealer or you may come across problems with it in the future. If you have questions on which are the best quality you can go to or ask your local home supply store professional for advice on the best sealer for pebble tile. If you want a deeper color to your stone you may also decide to use a natural stone color enhancer to enhance the look of the pebbles you have bought.

After you have sealed the tile you will adhere the shower floor pebbles with a thin set mortar to the ground at lengths of 3 square feet at a time until the area is covered. There will be to need to make any cuts as the stones are mounted on a mesh backing that fit together like a puzzle. Should a stone come loose during the adhesion process simply put more adhesive on the stone and slide it back in its place. You do not need to smash the pebble tile into the adhesive, gentle pressure will be sufficient.

After the adhesion has finished (meaning you waited the time specified on the product before you grout) it will be time to grout your pebble tiles.. Use an epoxy grout and begin the process of grouting your pebble tile small sections at a time. Use a stiff bristle brush to scrub excess grout off your pebbles after the grout has dried.. Then here we are again. It is time to begin sealing your shower floor pebbles after grouting. This second seal will make a huge difference in the look and quality of your pebbles. When sealing shower floor pebbles please keep in mind that you should follow the instructions on the product label for sealing. This will ensure a quality seal that is penetrating.

Pebble Stone Showers – A Popular Choice

Pebble stone has many great uses. Our customers have put pebble stone everywhere from bathrooms to fireplaces. One very popular use of pebble tile is in the bathroom, particularly in the shower. Not only is pebble stone it easy to install in a shower or bathroom but it is made for places where it will come in contact with water. This makes it an easy choice for a bathroom tile project. Whether you decide to put in a pebble stone shower or pebble flooring you can be happy to know that you are choosing a product that is a perfect match for a bathroom.


Contemporary Bathroom by Seattle Architect Motionspace Architecture + Design Pebble stone showers are very popular these days. One of the reasons is that they are all natural. Many people like the feeling that pebble stone showers give them when they enter them. It makes them feel like they are showering in nature. Should we even go as far as saying they feel as though they are showering under a waterfall? If you have been looking at pebble stone showers you may be one of these customers who love the natural look of pebble stone. If you are, then our pebble stone will be perfect in your shower.

When we say pebble stone showers we are talking about a few different types of installation.

The first would be an all over installation where the pebbles are floor to ceiling. This will give you that natural look to your shower that you are looking for. Some people choose to use the pebble stone simply on the floor of the shower as well. There are still others who use pebble stone use it in and around their shower and then have it spilling out in either a path or decorative ‘river’ running out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor Some will have their pebble stone shower simply continue out to cover the bathroom floor as well.

Whatever way you decide to use for pebble stone in a bathroom I would say to consider a pebble stone shower. It will give a natural look to your shower and help maintain a beautiful bathroom for years to come. When your friends come over to your bathroom they are going to love your pebble stone shower!

Pebble Kitchen Floor Tile

The uses for pebble tile are as many as there are creative people to think of them. One great use we saw recently was on a kitchen floor. Kitchen floors and pebble tile are a perfect marriage for many of the same reasons it is great in bathrooms and showers. Of course we want to talk about the beauty of pebble kitchen floor tile before we go into the practical reasons.

Kitchen floor tile can often look cheap, wear down or lose its luster but not pebble tile. Pebble kitchen floor tile will look beautiful and unique for years to come. Whether you decide to go with traditional, sliced or mosaic you can be sure to have a kitchen floor that will be beautiful, and natural looking that won’t need to be replaced.


Eclectic Kitchen by Victoria Interior Designer The Sky is the Limit Design

Practically, a pebble kitchen floor will have many benefits. First it is made for spills and floods. No need to replace the floor in the event that water gets to it. Even if it were to be immersed completely in water it would be remain perfectly fine. Pebble tile will wear well. As we all know pebble tile is from nature so it can take a lot of beating and stay looking as beautiful and natural as the day you got it. Pebble tile is as durable as putting concrete in your kitchen.

Not only is pebble tile beautiful and durable but it is eco friendly. Our all natural product comes straight from the ground so you can feel good knowing you are helping the earth while getting a beautiful natural pebble kitchen floor tile. So if you are in the market for a kitchen floor tile and you have any other questions, please email or give us a call and we can help you pick the right tile for you, pebble tile.

Shower Floor Tile – Think Natural

Pebble tile is sourced from pebbles that have been in water in their natural habitat. This makes pebble tile a great option for any tile project that will come in regular contact with water. This is one of the many reasons why people choose pebble tile for projects ranging from outdoor pools and waterfalls to shower floor tile. Water and pebble tile get along just fine! When installing pebble tile in an area that will get regular exposure to water you should remember that in order to maintain its beauty you will need to seal the pebble tile. This isn’t because your pebble tile can’t take the water, it is to maintain the look it currently has without fading. When installing shower floor tile or another tile that will get regular water use you really can’t find many natural products that will be good for the environment and also stand up to the water. Pebble tile is one of the few that will do this.

Shower Floor Tile – Think Natural

Contemporary Bathroom by Falls Church Design-build DuBro Architects + Builders

Whatever your project, if it will be submersed in water or just drenched with it daily you should consider our pebble tile. You can get samples to see which color and type you like the best. We suggest you walk on all your samples to get a feel for it, especially for projects where there will be regular walking on it going on as in a shower floor tile or bathroom floor tile. If the bumpiness brothers you consider a sliced pebble tile instead. This gives you all the same great benefits of pebble tile with a flat walking surface.

To see images of pebble shower floor tile and more go here:

Black Pebble Floor – Color Options

There are so many colors of pebble tile to go with so how do you decide. Sometimes this decision will have as much to so with the area you are installing the pebble tile as you aesthetic and taste. For instance a black pebble floor may be right in your bathroom but could not look right in a different area. Perhaps you would like a beachy look in your shower? A tan and white might look the best. The decision of color is a big one so don’t take it lightly. You will have that black pebble floor for years to come so you want to make sure you will love the color all those years.

We recommend when choosing a pebble tile color that you get a few samples. Get samples of the colors that jump out at you initially, but I would throw in a few that may not have. When you get them in your space you may change your mind on what you thought would look good. When you get the samples walk on them. Perhaps you may want a sliced pebble tile instead Or maybe you love the feel of traditional pebble tile beneath your feet. Make sure you walk on them as well as look at them.


Choosing a color of pebble tile can be difficult. There are so many colors and varieties. If you know for instance that you want a black pebble floor, you may get hung up between traditional or mosaic. Get a sample of both! That way when you order your black pebble tile you will know you made the right choice. Most importantly when choosing a pebble tile color, have fun! You know you are getting a great product no matter what color you choose so enjoy the process! Happy pebble color hunting!

Sliced Pebble Tile Bathrooms

For those looking for a project to spruce up a bathroom, look no further than our sliced pebble tile. Sliced pebble tile can work on the floor, in the shower, on the walls, or just about anywhere in a bathroom, even around a tub or toilet! A sliced pebble tile bathroom will have your friends oooing and aaahing over your remodeled or new bathroom. So what is so great about sliced pebble tile? Well there are the obvious answers like how natural and pretty it looks, it doesn’t show the dirt and is easy to clean. Some people love the flat feel of sliced pebble tile on their feet or in the shower as well. What you may not consider when thinking of a benefit of creating a sliced pebble tile bathroom is that it is eco friendly. No man made pebbles here. Some tile is manufactured in a facility, not pebble tile. Pebble tile comes straight from the earth which not only gives your bathroom an earthy look but it gives your conscience a pat on the back for making the right choice in tile for the earth and for your bathroom.


Traditional Bathroom by Chicago Interior Designer Noble Design Group

You may be wondering, why a sliced pebble tile bathroom? What is the difference between sliced and traditional pebble tile? You can see the difference here in these two images. The first one is our sliced pebble tile:


This second one is traditional pebble tile:


You can see that the only difference between our sliced and traditional pebble tile is that the sliced has the rounded top litterally ‘sliced’ off. This makes for a flat finish that some people love to install in a sliced pebble tile bathroom. Our pebble tile is of the highest quality at rock bottom pricing. Get a sample and you will see that our pebble tile stacks up to all of our competitors tile and is a sturdy, quality product. Whether installing it on the floor, wall, a shower you can be sure our sliced pebble tile will look great in your space for years to come! So if you have been on the fence, jump over and install a sliced pebble tile bathroom today!

Pebble Tile Patios

Pebble tile can be used indoors or outdoors for almost any tile project you can imagine. This is one of the many reasons why pebble tile is a great option for your tile project. Pebble tile is able to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. This is why many people choose to install a pebble tile patio, or walkway instead of concrete. Pebble tile can be very affordable for an outdoor installation and it gives beauty to the outdoors. Concrete just can’t keep up with the beauty of a pebble tile patio.

Using pebble tile outdoors is easy to maintain. To clean is simple, just hose it down or use a leaf blower on it if it gets dirty. It really takes no more upkeep than simple concrete. It will maintain its beauty for years and years to come. Many people use pebble tile outdoors in and around their pools, in fountains, and on retaining walls. A popular outdoor project is a pebble tile patio. If you want a beautiful, durable patio then check out our selection of pebble tile.


Mediterranean Patio by Newport Beach Landscape Architect AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc.

For a flat walking surface for your pebble tile patio I would consider our sliced pebble tile. Another good option for a flat walking surface is our flat mosaic pebble tile which comes in glazed as well for a shinier surface. If you like the look and feel of traditional pebble tile then you are in good company because this is a very popular choice for use in a pebble tile patio. Traditional pebble tiles comes in a glazed or natural finish as well. If you just can’t decide which tile to use for your pebble tile patio or other outdoor project then get a few samples and put them in the space, walk on them, and make sure the color and finish is what you would enjoy in the space.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing pebble tile for your indoor or outdoor project. It is simply a matter of preference since all our pebble tiles can be used for outdoor projects. If you need help deciding on a pebble tile for your pebble tile patio or other project don’t hesitate to call, email, or live chat with us. We would be happy to help in any way we can!

Bathroom Floor Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are a great choice for many projects. In particular a very popular place to put them is in the bathroom. Our bathroom floor pebble tiles are made to be a perfect choice for your bathroom. The floor of a bathroom needs a tile that is resistant to water, easy to clean, and doesn’t show stains. Pebble tiles are all three.

Bathroom floor pebble tiles provide a water resistant floor that will not soak the water into the tile and then cause it to puddle under like some other tiles do. There are no cracks for water to seep under since they are grouted. After you install the pebble tile you will want to seal it off to keep your pebble tile in the best shape to enjoy for years to come.

Pebble tile is really easy to clean. Bathroom floor pebble tiles can be mopped with a mild cleaning solution. It is really a simple product to keep clean that doesn’t need a lot of upkeep to maintain its beautiful appearance. Simply use a mild cleaner with your mop or other cleaning tool once a week or so and your bathroom floor pebble tiles will be beautiful for many many years.


Contemporary Bathroom by Los Angeles Interior Designer Susan Jay Design

Bathroom floor pebble tiles are not going to show stains like other tiles. They are multi colored so most stains will simply fade into the colors of the stone. If something spills on your pebble tile make sure to clean it up quickly as to prevent staining. Naturally a darker pebble will be more stain resistant than a white one but they both should not take a stain very easily. If you like to idea of using pebble tile on your bathroom floor but aren’t convinced yet, check out our gallery of bathrooms that have pebble tile installed:

Discount Pebble Tiles at Pebble Tile Shop!

Pebble tile can be used in large installations as well as small. Even though many people order our pebble tile for small projects we also services many large installations as well. Many people love to use pebble tile many different large projects. We have seen pebble tile installed along walls, as sidewalks, for backyard projects, in an entire bathroom floor to ceiling, in and around pools, on driveways, and much more. For these large installations most people want to buy discount pebble tiles. These large pebble tile installs can be costly. This is why we carry discount pebble tiles that are the same quality as the more expensive tiles you find in your local tile shop or online.

The best way we prove our quality is samples. Even though we offer our pebble tile a a significant cost reduction to our competitors , we don’t skimp on the quality. If you get a sample you will see that our pebble tile is the highest quality and will stand up next to any other pebble tile on the market.

Commercial installation of pebble tile has been a major source for some of our larger projects. Many contractors who want to buy large quantities of tile for a big commercial installation project have decided that we are the right choice because of our discount pebble tiles. Check out our gallery of pebble tile installation pictures such as restaurant bars, fountains, and whole bathrooms!

Whether your large installation project is for commercial or private purposes we have the best selection of discount pebble tiles. If you are looking for discount pebble tiles for a large or even a small project you will find them here at Pebble Tile Shop!

How a sliced pebble floor tile can give you the best of both worlds!

We can all agree that pebble floor tile looks beautiful. You will see it in showers, bathrooms, pools, laundry rooms, kitchens, and the like. Everyone who sees our pebble tile wants to know how to get it. There are a few though, that have concerns about it. The most frequent concern we are asked about is how it feels to walk on. While many people love the feel of our traditional pebble tile under their feet, others are hesitant about it. With our sliced pebble tile you can get the best of both worlds, a flat walking surface and a beautiful floor tile!

What makes sliced pebble floor tile so unique is that it is traditional pebble tile with the rounded top simply ‘sliced’ off so you get a flat look and feel when you install it. Check out this image to give you a better idea of how it looks different from traditional pebble tile:

Sliced-Bali-Ocean-Pebble-Tile Sliced-Bali-Turtle-Pebble-Tile

Sliced pebble floor tile has all the benefits of traditional pebble floor tile like durability, beauty and being eco friendly, but without the bubbly surface that some are wary of. So simple put, if you love pebble tile but want a flat surface to walk on then our sliced pebble floor tile is the way to go! You won’t be disappointed when you choose sliced pebble floor tile for your next project. Our sliced tile comes in several color varieties and should be seal after installation just like traditional pebble tile. Check out our selection of Sliced Pebble Tile!

Pebble Shower Wall Tile

Looking at pebble tile for a shower? Many people stop at the floor when using pebble tile in a shower. What these people don’t know is that one of the best uses for our pebble tile is all over your shower, including your shower walls! Of course you can use our standard pebbles, sliced pebbles, and mosaic pebbles on shower walls. These are the most used pebbles for shower wall tiles. There are also some other ways to use pebble shower wall tiles that you may not have considered that will be quite unique, modern, and beautiful. Let’s take a look at a few different ways to use pebble tiles on your shower walls.

Check out this pebble wall tile called standing pebble tile:


Standing pebble tile is a great option for use on shower walls. Some say it has a ‘waterfall’ look to it. Standing pebble tile gives your pebble shower wall tile a very ‘natural’ feel to it. It is easy to keep clean and looks amazing. If you want to feel like you are showing in nature under a waterfall, this tile is a great option!

Now check out another way to use pebble shower wall tile. This is a shower wall where our standard pebbles in black were used to create a design in the tile.


As you can see, using pebble shower wall tile as a design in your shower can give an interesting, unique look to your shower walls and break up the monotony. It will give your shower wall that punch it needs to go from flat and boring, to beautiful and unique. Pebble shower wall tile can be used in many different ways to spruce up a shower and bathroom. For more ideas, check out our Pebble Shower Tile Gallery!

Pebble Bathroom Floor Tiles

Pebble bathroom floor tiles are so popular these days. There are so many ways to use them. Some people will tile their entire bathroom floor with it while others will put it under a tub or on a shower floor. There are a few types of bathroom pebble stone tile. For some the right choice for their project is traditional pebble bathroom floor tile like these:


This pebble bathroom floor has a natural look and is like walking on the beach but in your bathroom. Some people prefer a more flat look for their pebble stone bathroom tile so they opt for a sliced tile like this:


While this look is a very popular pebble bathroom floor tile, there is yet another choice. Our Stone mosaic is also a flat option for those looking for bathroom pebble stone tiles. These mosaic stone tiles install the same but have a very unique look to them.


When choosing a pebble floor for your bathroom you can choose either glazed, polished, or a natural finished to your stone. You will want to seal any finish you go with off to get a long lasting bathroom pebble stone tile that will keep nicely for years to come.

Some tips when looking at pebble bathroom floor tiles? First tip is get a sample! Compare them to each other, put them in the space, and walk on them. This helps not only with choosing the right color but also the type of bathroom pebble stone tile (sliced, natural, or mosaic) The nice thing about pebble tile is it looks great in almost any environment and since it is natural looking it matches all colors and shades of furniture or wall colors. It is really an easy choice when looking for tile, pebble bathroom floor tiles are the way to go!

All About Pebble Tile Floors

Ever wonder what tile would look great on your floor? Picking a tile for a floor can be a time consuming task. What color to choose? What type of tile? What size? All of these decisions can be overwhelming. Well let’s stop to look at an option that you may not have thought of yet, a pebble tile floor. Pebble tile is a natural product so it works great on floors. Many people use it in bathrooms or kitchens, although it can be used in just about any room in the house. Many people love to install pebble tile outside the home as well. A pebble tile floor is durable, easy to keep clean, and gives a natural look to a room or space. What types of pebble tile can be used on a floor?

The majority of people will tell you that any type of pebble tile you choose will be great on a floor. However there are a few preferences to consider when choosing a pebble tile floor. The first to consider is the feel of the flooring. Many people love traditional (natural or glazed) pebble tile because they like the feel of it beneath their feet. Like a ‘massage’ on your feet some have said. Check out this pebble tile floor using our traditional pebble tiles:


We often get asked the question “Is this comfortable to walk on” While we think the answer is yes, there are some who prefer a more flat feel on their feet. For those customers, we recommend sliced pebble tile like the ones shown here:


Many people also want to consider the look of the pebble tile they will install on the floor. This is why we offer glazed and natural products. After you install your pebble tile floor, whether you choose glazed or natural you will need to seal it to keep it looking great. This will enhance the look of your pebble tile floor and keep it looking great for years to come.

Pebble tile is such a great option for so many projects but one of our favorites has to be the pebble tile floor. It not only looks and feels amazing but it is eco friendly, easy to install, easy to care for, and super durable. You just can’t go wrong when you choose to install a pebble tile floor!

River Pebble Tile

River pebble tile is a versatile tile that can be used in many different spaces. Pebble tile is commonly used in anything from bathrooms to fountains to kitchens. River pebble tile can spruce up a shower or make a walkway shine. The uses for pebble tile go on and on. So why are so many people these days using pebble tile for their project?

The first reason is that it is beautiful. River pebble tile looks great in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and the like. It gives a natural feel to a space. River pebble tile comes in many colors to match a room or area perfectly. There are different types of river pebble tile to make your project gorgeous. For instance, if you are tiling a fountain you might choose a standing pebble tile. If you are tiling a walkway, you may prefer a mosaic pebble tile. In a bathroom you might decide to put in a sliced pebble tile. The choices of the different types of river pebble tile make it a great option to choose for just about any tiling project.

Another reason people are using pebble tile is that it is a natural product that is durable. River pebble tiles are not man made. They come from nature. This makes them durable. Once you seal your pebble tile you can clean it, walk on it,or even do jumping jacks on it and you won’t do any harm to it. River pebble tiles are a great option for our eco friendly consumers. There are no factories creating our pebbles, they come straight from nature which makes them strong and durable.

The last reason why many people are using river pebble tile is because it is budget friendly. River pebble is reasonably priced even though you would never know it to walk into a space where it is installed. A space that has river pebble tile installed looks like it cost a ton of money to make, but it doesn’t have to.

Whatever your reason for using pebble tile in your next project, we think it is a great one! River pebble tile is versatile, beautiful, natural, and budget friendly. So go ahead and check out our selection here:

Popular Uses: Pebble Tile Fireplaces & Mantles

Our customers have used pebble tile to quickly and affordably spruce up their old brick fireplace! The durability and head resistance of pebble tile make it a perfect material to use to cover your existing fireplace or mantle area. Installation on vertical surfaces like your fireplace surround are just as easy as installing on the floor. Just lay the Quikset – press the tiles in so they stick, wait for it to set and grout over the top! It’s really that easy to create a whole new look to what is often the centerpiece of your main room – your fireplace! For more detailed instructions on how to install pebble tile visit our Pebble Tile Installation Instructions.


Popular Uses of Pebble Tile: Bathrooms & Showers

One of the most common uses of pebble tile is in showers and bathrooms. Mostly people use river rock tile as either their shower pan or their bathroom floor but it is also used on walls, vanities and more.

Pebble tile is very popular for floors because the river stones are hand selected to ensure a consistent height that is very comfortable to walk on. People with pebble tile stone floors love the feeling of the pebbles on their bare feet every day and say it feels like a shiatsu massage.

Another reason pebble tile is popular for bathrooms and inside showers is that it is not at all slippery when wet. The pebbles and grout provide a lot of friction and are great for walking on in wet areas.

Many types of pebble tile are available including natural pebble tile, glazed, mini, sliced and even mosaic flat tile. All of these types are perfectly suited to be used in a bathroom or shower pan. Even the glazed which have a slick wet look will not be slippery when they are actually wet.

Pebble tile is available in colors to match any decor. Pebble Tile Shop manufactures the worlds largest selection of pebble tile so you will be sure to find something to match your color scheme. Popular colors are white, tan, black,green and dark ocean but we also have reds, brown, mixed colors and many, many more!

Showers and floors however is not the only place you can use pebble tile in your bathroom! We have seen people do their entire floor and walls to create a borderless “wet bathroom” which is just a shower without a shower door and a drain on one side of the bathroom. We have also had people use pebble tile to create a unique looking backsplash behind their vanity mirrors. We have even had customers use our mosaic tile or sliced pebble tile as their counter top!

People love how our pebble tile interlocks seamlessly so that you cannot see where one tile begins and another tile ends. It is the unique interlocking pattern that we provide which allows this to work. Many other manufacturers of pebble tile use a different interlocking system that will easily show where the tiles have been interlocked.

Because of how easy it is to install pebble tile and the way the mesh backing bends to conform to curved surfaces it can really be used anywhere you imagine it! Showers and bathrooms are popular places to use our pebble tile but by far are not the only places! Let your imagination run wild and see how pebble tile can change any room or outside area of your home into a luxurious area filled with natural beauty!

How to Easily Install Pebble Tile into Your Shower!

Shower floors are one of the most popular uses of our gorgeous Pebble Tile. All our tile selections are completely suited for shower and bathroom floors. People who use pebble tile flooring love the light, massage like feel of the pebbles on their bare feet!

Following the easy instructions below will allow anyone to completely renew the look of an outdated shower with pebble tile.

To see pictures of some beautiful shower installations all done by our customers go to our: Pebble Tile Shower Gallery

Pebble Tile Shower Installation Steps

1 ) Mask the Drain and Edges.Use easily removed painter’s tape to give protection to the drain before starting the tile work. Also place tape around the shower stall just above the height of where the tile will sit to offer protection to the shower surround.

2) Apply the Thinset. Start in a back corner of the shower and spread thinset on the shower floor with the flat edge of a .25″ x .25″ square-notched spade. Then use the nicked edge of the spade to form ridges in the material holding the spade at roughly a 45-degree angle. Cover an area identical to about 3 sheets of the pebble tile.

3) Set the 1st Pebble Tile Sheet. Press the 1st sheet of pebble tile into the thinset, butting the sheet as near as feasible to the walls. Apply a little pressure to the sheet of tiles to settle it in the thinset.

4) Continue Tiling. Continue to spread thinset and add sheets of tile to the floor, aligning the sheets to interlock. Mix thinset as needed. If there is not room for a full sheet, remove stones as needed from the sheet and put aside, then trim the mesh backing with a knife or scissors and set the leftover portion of the sheet as usual. Also use this method to set the tile around the drain. Optionally for a perfectly straight look a wet tile saw can be used to easily cut the pebbles. It helps to turn the sheet upside down during this process.

5) Tap the Pebble Tile in Place. On top of the tile, place a straight, flat board that covers many tiles and carefully tap it with a mallet to thoroughly set the tile and make sure the pebbles are all at the same height.

6) Seal the Pebble Tile. Natural stone pebble tiles must be sealed before grouting. Check the instructions of your selected sealer and be certain to seal the pebble tile before grouting to make grout removal easier in step 8.

7) Apply the Grout. Spread grout across the tile employing a grout float. Hold the float at a 45-degree angle, working the grout into the areas between the stones.

8) Clean the Tile. Taking care not to drag grout up from between the pebbles, wipe away the haze with a wet sponge. Wash the sponge frequently to keep it clean. Let the grout cure completely according to the package instructions. Employ a clean material to wipe any remaining haziness from the surface of the pebbles.

9) Seal the pebbles and grout. It is important to re-seal the pebbles along with the grout to prevent against mildew and stains. This will also ensure easy cleaning of the pebble tile for years to come with any mild household detergent. For the best results, implement the instructions for the explicit sealer used.

Click to see all our different colors and styles of pebble tile!

See More Pictures in our Pebble Tile Shower Gallery!

Pebble Tile Flooring

A house needs to be aesthetically pleasing on the inside and out. From the ornaments, to the walls, ceilings and floors, every part of your living place should complement each other and be as comfortable as it should be. Houses that have floors that are in good condition are visually pleasing and invite a feeling of calm regardless how few your ornaments ar e within the room. Meanwhile, floors that are poorly kept, full of stains, and are chipped make rooms look unsightly despite how grand the theme of your house is.

Ceramic tiling is a popular option if you are planning to remodel your floor. They are easy to clean and come in a huge selection of patterns and colors. However, they are quite fragile and become slippery when wet, thereby increasing the chance of accidents taking place.

Another option you might have in mind is to use hardwood tiling materials. Because of its naturally beautiful finish and timeless look, a lot of homeowners are using this type of tile. On the downside, hardwood floors are subject to fading, do not hold moisture, and can easily be scratched. If you have pets, it isn’t advisable to use this kind of tile.

There is no truly indestructible tile; it is up to you to decide what type of tile fits your needs. You must always have in mind that for every condition, there is a different type of tile that is suitable for the job. Nonetheless, there is one type of tile that has the qualities of durability, versatility, and style in one.

Pebble tiles have long been used as floor tiling since the time of the ancient Greeks. They are so durable under extreme temperature that ruins of homes with pebble floors still stand today. The ease in pebble tile installation is also worth appreciating since a homeowner does not need professional skills and expensive materials. In fact, it is up to the homeowner”s imagination on how he would like to install them. Most of all, the greatest quality it possesses is the comfort it gives to the person walking barefoot on it. Unlike ceramic glazed tiles and hardwood, t he pebble tiles mimic a light foot massage with its natural texture. With or without grout, pebbles are properly sorted so that homeowners are assured that the thickness is consistent enough to create a level surface. It”s as if you”re getting a free spa treatment just by walking across the room.

As much as spas are concerned, pebble tile floors create a relaxing, tropical hotel appeal, once they are installed. The islands of Indonesia, where the largest supply of river pebble stones come from, benefit from the export of world-class pebble stone tiles. However, some people think that environmental destruction is an issue to be concerned with. This is definitely not true. More legal jobs are actually created and the stones are collected from shallow bedrock in the mountains.

Pebble Tile Bathroom

The average bathroom floor gets spilled on with shampoo and other toiletries almost on a daily basis. Around the toilet area, you might find another type of spill on your bathroom floor. The tiles used near your toilet should be durable since it needs to be regularly cleaned with disinfectants. Otherwise, it could become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi which could harm your health.

If your bathroom has a carpet lying around, it could add to the risk of you getting sick because they are impossible to clean and disinfect, and they rot when they constantly get wet. Because of that, don’t have second thoughts of whether or not you should dispose your carpet when it has reached the point of rotting.

When homeowners hear the term “bathroom remodeling”, they usually think that it would be a time-consuming and costly project, because just the task of replacing bathroom tiles can be messy. However, making your bathroom the ideal “comfort room” should always be top priority.

A tight budget means choosing tiling materials that are not only less expensive but are long lasting. There are a lot of alternatives to choose from besides bathroom carpeting. In fact, if you still want to have the non-slip characteristic of a bathroom carpet, but want a more classy appeal, you should opt for installing pebble stone tiles.

Nothing matches the soothing effect of water on stone. Natural pebble tiles create a theatrical effect on any bathroom. They imitate a relaxing tropical isl and scene right inside your bath space so that every bath time would be a spa-like experience. But the most-pleasing experience you might want to try is getting a foot massage every time you walk barefoot on them. Pebble tiles are made of hand-selected Balinese pebbles of even thickness that are attached to a mesh backing. They can be applied on shower floorings, shower pan flooring, walls, backsplashes, and many others. There are various pebble sizes and also a wide selection of colors and patterns that are available like white, tan, pink, pastel, quartz, sand, black, and every other shade in between. All of them are durable, non-slip, easy to clean, and very versatile. If you like to keep your pebble tiled bathroom as pristine as possible, all you need would be soap and water and scrub the dirt of.

After knowing the advantages of choosing pebble tiles over other types of tiling material for your bathroom, the next thing that would come into your mind would be the cost for installation and who to call for it. Actually, with this kind of tiles , you can do the installation by yourself. You do not need tiling specialists to do the job for you. Moreover, you are free to create your own patterns since they simply interlock and appear seamless on your bathroom walls and floors. Their naturally rich texture has opened up so many opportunities for today”s world of interior design.

Pebble Tile Swimming Pools

Inground pools can range from the very modest to the most luxurious and can be built to various shapes and/or sizes. Usu ally, basic inground pools normally range from $20,000–$40,000. Most inground pool contractors and installers suggests features that have made them more feasible, useful, robust and more eye-catching.

Over the last few years, inground swimming pool construction has been continuing to progress, and since then, numerous pool contractors have been starting to endorse pebble finishes. The common trend is to decorate the walls of a pool with stone tile and the bottom with pebble tile for an exquisite look. Using pebble tiles for the bottom part of a swimming pool can produce a beach-like appearance.

Pebble tile is a natural construction material that uses various small pebbles that are generally larger than normal-sized gravel and smaller than cobblestone. They are well-known for their resilience. They are great materials when used for outdoor projects even when continuously exposed to the elements. With high-quality pebble tiles, you have an extensive choice of colors and pebble size.

During the production of the pebble tiles, the pebbles are sanded to a round and smooth finish, and are bound together with grout to create blocks with a coarse appearance and texture. Smaller size pebbles are what experts recommend, since it is because of the greater level of comfort of the small pebbles over the larger ones. The soles of your feet soften as you use the pool over long periods of time and this can cause pain or discomfort. Some people use them both inside and outside to turn a standard pool into a remarkable, luxurious-looking swimming pool.

There are many things to contemplate when thinking of inground pools, such as the various materials and installation techniques used in making one. Disturbances in weather and variations in seasonal temperatures affect when a pool can be installed and how long the project will take.

Most pool contractors advise in contacting an expert because inground pool installation is not only very challenging but it needs expert skill and technique, as well as cutting edge machinery. Also, many difficulties can occur, due to structural anomalies, if the pool is poorly planned and built, which can lead to costly repairs.

In planning and building an inground pool, one should take into consideration the occurrence of underground wires or cables, since they affect the pool”s location. So, it is important to dig a hole where there are no underground wires or cables. After removing the dirt, wires and cables for the water pump, water filter, and underwater lighting are installed. After the installation of the wires and cables, the wall or frame structures a re installed next, and then, a liner is put in if you are making use of vinyl (PVC) liners.

If you want a natural yet luxurious natural look for your pool, you should consider pebble tiles, because not only are they resilient and elegant, but are cost effective.

Pebble Tile Kitchen Backsplashes

The kitchen is the soul of our homes. It is where the happiest moments of family life are spent and where celebrations are commenced. Therefore, every single part of the kitchen should not only be functional but it should also be aesthetically pleasing. It should reveal the homeowners personality and complement the rest of the home’s interior design. Despite its importance, bathroom floors and patios become top priorities when we talk of remodeling and kitchen backsplashes become the least of our concerns.

Not all homeowners are aware that kitchen backsplashes offer certain advantages to the overall function of their kitchen. They not only highlight the ambiance of the area but they also keep the walls dry and make the cleaning of the kitchen counter-top an easier job to do. Mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, wood tiles, stamped metal, and granite tiles are the most common kitchen backsplash materials you can use for remodeling. However, if you’re the “Do-It-Yourself” type of person, pebble tile stones are the perfect kitchen backsplash tiles for you.

Here are some of the advantages that pebble stone tiling has to offer:

• They are impervious to water and other liquids.

• They do not easily stain. They are very easy to clean in the long run and don’t need to be replaced for this reason.

• They are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of tiling, but are as luxurious.

• They are very durable in high temperatures unlike metals which have a specific melting point and become warped once this is reached.

• They are very versatile in a sense that they can be used as flooring, walling, etc., unlike other types of tiles whose functions are very limited.

Pebble stones are found in many Southeast Asian islands especially in islands of Indonesia. They are 100% natural and give out an earthly and luxurious ambiance that only natural stones can give. They are now very popular as tiling material for shower walls, patio flooring, and of course, kitchen backsplashes. They usually come in sizes from 25 mm to 75 mm and above. They come in a multitude of color s from white, red, tan, pastel, quarts, and everything in between. Pebble tile installation doesn't require any special skill. In fact, the technique of pebble tile installation dates back to early Roman period. All you need to have are the proper tools, a whole lot of creativity, and some tips to get you started: Before you start working on your kitchen backsplash, make sure all electrical power outlets within the area should be turned off at the main circuit breaker so as to avoid any accidents concerning the outlets.

To evenly fit the kitchen backsplash, lay out your tile pattern on the floor before you actually apply them on the wall.

Apply tile grout one small area at a time.

Use a tile saw for cutting stones to fit edges.

Wait for the tiling adhesive to completely dry out before applying the grout.

Pebble Tile Shower Floors – Easily Enhance Your Shower with Pebble Tile

From enameled porcelain and stones, to glass and stainless steel mosaics, there are so many options available in the market for you to choose the best tiles for your bathroom. Unlike the aforementioned kinds of tiles, some types of tiles, however, are hard to maintain such as sandstones and limestone which are porous and prone to stains. There are also some exceptions, like enameled porcelain, in using certain kinds of tiles. But since enameled porcelain is glazed, using them on bathroom floors is not advisable since it may cause accidents because of its slippery glazed surface texture.

For many years, the use of pebble tiles for bathtub walls, bathtub surfaces, shower walls, and decorative flooring have gained popularity all over the world. The most common pebble tile used today is the river pebble tile. They are handpicked to guarantee consistent dimensions, shape and texture. In fact, homeowners with pebble tile floors appreciate the “shiatsu-like” experience they get after walking barefoot on them.

Another reason why pebble tiles are popular for shower floors is that despite getting wet, they do not become slippery. They are ideal for walking on in wet surfaces since they provide strong contact friction. In addition, pebble tiles are reasonably inexpensive and are easy to install, compared to other types of tiles. You don”t need tiling experts to install pebble tiles for you because with the right tools, you can even do it yourself. You just need to have basic tools such as grout, grout float, thinset, mortar, sponge, trowel, scissors, paint brush, and sealant. To install pebble tiles, first apply a sealant on the pebbles prior to tiling.

Then, apply the thinset over the surface of the floor using a trowel and set the stone tiles beside each other. Lastly, using grout, fill the space between the stones and use a wet sponge to wipe the extra grout off the surface of the pebbles.

In addition, the pebble tile’s edge over other types of tiling material doesn’t stop there. Because of its aesthetic, natural look and unique seamless interlock system, ugly areas where tiles connect are kept out of sight. This also gives Do-It-Yourself homeowners the chance to explore their creativity in installing pebble tiles. All you need to do is cut the interlock with scissors and manually setting the stones or cutting the pebbles themselves into even straight lines with a tile saw. Some homeowners have designed entire rooms using pebble tiles including countertops and places behind vanity mirrors. Others have even decorated the outdoor areas of their homes with pebble tiles to create a luxurious and elegant ambiance.

Glazed, sliced, mini, and mosaic flat tiles are just some of the many types of pebble tiles you can install on shower floors. Here at Pebble Tile Shop, you are guaranteed to acquire the perfect tile for your color scheme and design. We have colors from tan, green, ocean blue, black, red, mixed colors, and so much more!

Enhance Your Home with a Pebble Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Pebble and pebble mosaic tile is commonly used to create beautiful kitchen counter back splashes. A kitchen backsplash is a component of modern, upscale homes that is often overlooked by builders and even do it yourselfers. It is a large area in a space that is used frequently but is generally very under decorated with just normal paint or sometimes tile.

Adding a pebble tile kitchen backsplash is an easy way to add high quality dressings and top notch design right into your kitchen at a very reasonable price. It is also easy to clean and maintain, once you have sealed your pebble or mosaic tile properly it is easy to clean with any mild household detergent.

Mosaic tile is more popular for kitchen backsplashes than pebble tile but either will work to achieve beautiful results. The most common product used for backsplashes is our Quartz Mosaic Tile.

Installing a pebble tile backsplash is extremely easy. All you need to do is follow our normal pebble tile installation instructions, no nails or other equipment is needed even when installing pebble tile onto a vertical surface.

You can see from the instructions how easy it would be to create a beautiful backsplash from Pebble Tile!

Pebble Tile is Good in Bathrooms but can be Great elsewhere!

Many people don’t think farther than the putting tile on their floors but there are endless ways to use tile in your bathroom. It is easy to install any tile that is made for the bathroom in the shower, tub or even the walls.

While pebble tile feels great on the bathroom floor, being known for comfort and style, pebble tile will also look great as a backsplash to your vanity. Another recent trend is to tile your entire shower including the ceiling.

Tile is better than drywall, it is easy to clean and will not bubble or crack from the steam. Everything from basic black to bright colors filling your shower, vanity or tub with tile is a great and cheap way to remodel your bathroom without pulling out any plumbing or repainting.

Easily Transform your Fireplace with Pebble Tile

Tired of your basic stone or wooden fireplace? It is an easy way to give your entire living or family room a facelift. There are lots of ways to use tile on your fireplace, a small strip for accents or replace the entire mantle for a sleek look.

Large tiles will give a Mediterranean feel and small multi colored ones will turn a simple fireplace into a beautiful mosaic. Installation is simple and this is a do-it-yourself project that is endlessly customizeable.

So if you want to put an entire picture, or just cream tiles to add simplicity. Whether your entire mantle or just the hearth adding mosaic or pebble tile to your home’s fireplace will change the entire room.

Pebble Tile is Great in and Around Pools!

There are dozens of ways to use the many different kinds of pebble tile outdoors. Natural tile, which is the most popular type of tile, laid in its natural rough texture, has become a favorite to lay on the bottoms of pools. They look great against rock walls and brushed concrete.

Pebble tile is also becoming perfect for the edges of pools, adding majestic color to the yard that reflects against the water in the sunlight and also stays cool and comfortable for the feet.

Even if you don’t have a pool you can still use river rock tile for your patio floor to give it a unique look, or for something especially creative use it to line your flower beds or your glass door exit.

Updating your Kitchen Backsplash is Easy!

Installing stone or glass tile backsplashes in kitchens has been one of the most popular do-it-yourself trends of 2012. Not only can it transform a kitchen, but it is easy to install with little prep and clean up. Whether you want a bright splash of color to lighten up your kitchen or just tired of looking at an empty wall adding tile is the simplest solution.

Installation is simple, after you have planned where you want the backsplash, the first step is to ensure that the wall is clean and dry. If there is any moisture it will be trapped behind the tile and cause wood in the wall to rot and weaken.

It is important to follow the manufactures instructions on what kind of adhesive and how much to use with the tile chosen. Start by pressing each tile on starting from the bottom center and working out, ensuring that none of the spacers overlap. Once all of the tiles are firmly on remove the spacers and apply the grout.

The final step is to remove excess and wait to dry before enjoying.

Popular backsplash materials are pebble tile, glass subway tile and even stainless steel tile!

Pebble Tile Trending Now..

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