Pebble Tile Shower Floor

Looking for the perfect tile for your bathroom and shower? Confused, desperate, and overwhelmed? We have the perfect option for that bathroom project. Pebble tile is a gorgeous tile that is perfect for the bathroom. Many people love to put in a pebble tile shower floor, bathroom floor, tub surround, shower enclosure or even backsplash. The reason pebble tile is so popular for bathroom remodels or new construction is because it is so versatile. Pebble tile comes in many types and colors from natural, sliced to mosaic and red to black, it will fit any space and any project perfectly. Also people love out tile because it is all natural. It is simply pebbles or rock, nothing fancy or plastic, just materials used from the earth. Another advantage to using pebble tile is that it is water resistant. That water resistance is why so many people choose to put in a pebble tile shower floor, tub surround, shower wall, or bathroom floor. Wherever you install pebble tile in a bathroom you won’t have t worry about water damaging it.


Pebble tile is very durable. Many people have found that pebble tile in a bathroom is the perfect option because of the durability. Water, walking on it, cleaning it, and whatever natural wear and tear you would do on a bathroom will not phase pebble tile. You can be sure that when you install that pebble tile shower floor that you will be looking at that beauty for years to come.

If you have been thinking about using pebble tile in your bathroom but aren’t sure where to begin, please contact us. Maybe you have questions or concerns. We can help! Don’t hesitate to be one of the many many people who took the leap and installed that shower, pebble tile shower floor or bathroom floor. You won’t regret walking into a spa looking bathroom that brings the ‘zen’ feeling of nature to you.