Pebble Stone Backsplash

Pebble tile is very popular these days for projects in everything from bathrooms to kitchens, and even outdoors. Using pebble tile in big projects such as pools or showers is a major way people use our tile. However lets not forget that our pebble’s looks great in smaller projects like as an accent tile or a pebble stone backsplash tile. When using our tile on a smaller project such as a pebble stone backsplash don’t forget that the same steps apply as using it in a big project. You still need to seal the tile in order to ensure a beautiful tile for years to come.

Using pebble tile for a smaller project can be a fun weekend project that is easy to do and can give your space an update without breaking the budget. If you want to put in pebble stone tile in a smaller space it will be very easy to do. Just follow a few easy steps laid out here:

Whether your small project calls for a pebble stone backsplash or entryway re-tile you will be happy with the look and ease of using pebble tile. Our pebble stone tile is the highest quality and very durable. You can use our pebble tile for any small tiling project easily, such as in a shower pan, on a fireplace (indoor or even an outdoor fire pit), accent wall, under a tub, or in a pebble stone backsplash. Be creative! There are so many more uses for our beautiful pebble stone tile. Happy Tiling!

If you need ideas for a specific room using pebble tile you can look through our photo gallery to help you get your creative juices flowing: