Pebble Tile Kitchen Wall

Of the many uses of pebble tile there are out there, we have found that a few spaces are overlooked but provide a beautiful median for our tile. One space we love to see pebble tile in but don’t often enough is the kitchen. Many people will pebble tile a kitchen wall or use it as a backsplash, or accent tile Of course the kitchen floor is a perfect place for pebble tile because it is waterproof, hardy, and easy to keep clean. Not to mentions it resists staining and looks gorgeous. Whether you decide to put in a pebble tile kitchen wall or floor, you should not overlook pebble tile as a perfect option for your kitchen project,. Kitchens and pebble tile are a perfect match. Kitchens are not however the only room in the house that pebble tile can be used in.


In addition to the kitchen, many people often don’t think to use pebble tile in entryways, laundry rooms, hallways, or as tub or fireplace surrounds. The traditional uses for pebble tile like bathrooms, showers, and pools are not the only places that we have seen our pebble tile installed and LOVED the look. When thinking about using pebble tile don’t be afraid to get creative. Why not install it as an accent tile or as a baseboard. Pebble tile is sturdy, watertight, all natural, and beautiful. There is almost no limit to uses you can think of for it. So go ahead, put in that pebble tile kitchen wall and see how many people ask you “Where did you get that idea? Pebble tile in your… (you fill in the blank, get creative!) I love that pebble tile!.” We know you will love it wherever you install it. Please feel free to contact us to help with the right samples or with any questions you may have. We love to help!