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Installation Questions - FAQ

If I am redoing a bathroom/shower floor I would have to remove the existing tile first, right?

In most cases, no. Our pebble tile is on a flexible mesh backing so it will easily install even over slightly uneven surfaces. Just be sure the mas...

What type of grout is best for pebble tile?

For our normal sized pebble, sliced pebbles and mosaic tiles we recommend using a sanded grout.The mini pebble tiles would require an un-sanded ver...

When installing the mosaics in the thin set how do you prevent the thin set from oozing up between the tiles thus preventing space for the grout?

We recommend using a thin trowel for the quickset and only lightly pushing the pebble tile into the thinset to prevent any oozing of the mastic.

Can your pebble tile be installed directly over my existing tile/linoleum/brick etc.?

In most cases Yes! You can apply our product directly over your existing tile.

Do your glazed and polished pebbles still need to be sealed?

We do recommend sealing all of our products after the grout has been applied. This last step serves to protect the grout and offers an additi...

Is there any way to protect the mosaic tile during grouting to minimize the cleaning afterwards. I have to polish every stone after grouting...what am I doing wrong?

The best thing to do is seal the stones prior to grouting. This allows the grout to come off more easily... Only our Natural finish tile ...

Before I purchase, I want to know whether pebble tile is safe for outdoor use?

Yes! Outdoor spaces are great for our product. We have lots of examples of exterior usages in our photo gallery!

How much grout do I need per square foot of Pebble Tile?

In general you will need about two pounds of grout per square foot of our regular sized pebble tile. Just be sure to check that the grout you'r...

Which products are suitable for a shower application?

All of our stone products are perfectly suitable for shower applications including the glazed pebble tile, polished pebble tile etc. Becau...

Do I need to seal the pebble tile?

We do recommend sealing all of our products at least once. Our glazed and polished products only need sealed after the grout is applied. The ...

Do you sell trim pieces, bullnose pieces, edging, etc.?

We do sell many options in pebble tile borders that can be found here: ...


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