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General Pebble Tile Questions - FAQ

How can I obtain a sample of your tile?

Samples are available directly through our website!  Just click "Get a Sample" or "Add to Cart - Sample".  The cost of samples is fully refundable ...

I''ve seen your pebble tile on TV and your website but I would like to see it in person before I commit to such a purchase. Do you have distributors in my area where I can view the products?

We don''t currently have any distributors in every area but we ship our products nationwide every day.We have a few distributors in California but ...

Do you sell individual pebble tiles, half boxes or do you only sell in boxes in ten?

Although there are 11 sq. ft. per box, you can order individual tiles in any amount from our site without a fee to break boxes.

How much do you charge for a sample?

Samples are around $10. Each sample is a full 12" x 12" square and the price includes shipping. The cost of up to five samples is fully refund...

Do you sell grout or other installation materials?

No. We don't sell grout or installation materials because it is very easy to find at nearly any local hardware store. It wouldn't be efficien...


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