Pebble Tile Applications - FAQ

Q. I have a question about using the stones in a hot tub that I will be constructing. Will they be ok to use subjected to the heat and chemicals from the hot tub?

Yes! Our tile will stand up to chemicals and water very well, our customers have used it in everything from showers, hot tubs, pools and more with fantastic results!

Q. Is pebble tile OK to use in my pool or other exterior application in a cold climate?

Our river rock tile has been used in pools as well as patios throughout the USA without issue due to weather. Pebble tile is natural stone so it will easily stand up to even the harshest weather!

Q. I love the looks of your pebble tiles, but we need a shower floor which will not be dangerously slippery when wet. Could you tell me if your pebble tile would work for us?

Actually our pebble tile would be perfect for your installation. The slightly bumpy texture provides much more friction than normal, flat tile and will be a safe and luxurious option for your shower.

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