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Pebblestone Tiles Bathroom

Pebblestone tiles can turn any bathroom into an escape. Don’t you wish your bathroom looked like this?

Our Pebblestone tile can take an ordinary bathroom and transform it into a zen space that brings the outdoors inside. A pebblestone tiles bathroom like this one is the epitome of what we are about. We desire that our pebblestone tiles bring luxury and comfort into your home. We work hard to help you pick the right tile because we want you to not only love the finished product but to enjoy the process of completing your pebblestone tiles bathroom as well.

When deciding on which tile to use you should check out our gallery of pebblestone tiles bathrooms here:

Pebblestone pictures

This gallery will help you decide whether you like pebblestone tiles used on the floor, in the shower, in a decorative pattern or standard, whether you like sliced or mosaic better, what colors you like best and much much more. Of course if the gallery just isn’t enough to decide how you want your pebblestone tiles bathroom to look we are here for you. We can send you samples of colors or comparison of flat (sliced or mosaic) or traditional pebblestone tiles, or we can talk you through the decision in our live chat or over the phone. We want our customers to get that beautiful retreat they are looking for in a bathroom. Here is just one more pebblestone tiles bathroom to drool over to help you decide:


Outdoor Pebble Floor Tile FAQs

Have you ever seen outdoor pebble floor tiled installed and thought that it looked beautiful but you weren’t sure if you would want it for your outdoor project? There are a few objections to installing pebble tile outdoors or even indoors that we would like to address here. Not everyone who loves the look of pebble tile knows for sure it is the right tile for them. Here are our answers to a few of the main concerns people have when installing outdoor pebble floor tile.

Is is durable?

Answer: Yes! It can withstand rain, wind, lots of walking traction, and running water as in a fountain or pool. Since our pebble’s originate in the water of rivers and beaches they are used to a lot of abuse from nature and can hold up to almost anything you can throw at it. This means your pebble tile project will last a long time and still look great.

Is it comfortable to walk on?

Answer: Yes! This is a big concern when installing pebble tile on the floor whether indoor or outdoor. Our customers love the feel of our pebble tile beneath their feet. Many say it is like a massage on their feet! However if you are still not sure you should consider our Sliced Pebble Tile. This will give you the same look with a flat walking surface.

Is it easy to clean?

Answer: Yes! Pebble tile is simple to clean. You use a non harsh chemical cleaner and a scrub brush and clean as you normally would. We suggest you use a good sealer when you install it to keep it protected and that will also keep your tile looking nice for years to come. When installing outdoor pebble floor tile all you need to do in order to clean it is hose it down.

These are the top questions we get from customers who are looking at installing indoor or outdoor pebble floor tile. If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact us! We would love to answer any questions.


Pebble Tile Shower Pans

Many people these days are using pebble tile for all sorts of bathroom projects. One of the most popular uses of pebble tile in a bathroom is in the shower. We love to see pebble tile shower pans, walls and enclosures. Pebble tile makes such a beautiful and functional shower. Not only is pebble tile waterproof and durable it is beautiful and natural making it a great option for a shower.

When using pebble tile in your shower you want to make sure you pick the right size color and style. Most people love natural pebble tile beneath their feet. They say it is like a massage on their feet. However when putting in pebble tile shower pans many people like to get a samples of our sliced or mosaic pebble tile as well just to get an idea of the different ‘feel’ beneath your feet that you would get with either tile. This helps to have an informed decision as to which pebble tile to install.

Once you have installed your pebble tile shower pans, walls, or enclosures you want to make sure you seal it. This will keep your pebble tile looking beautiful for a long time and make it more durable with cleaning. Cleaning pebble tile is simple. Use a non abrasive cleaning chemical and a light scrub brush once a week or so and you will have beautifully clean pebble tile that will keep its beauty for years to come.

Whether you are interested in pebble tile shower pans or installing it in the whole shower we would love to help you decide if pebble tile is right for your shower construction project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Check out our gallery of pebble tile shower projects including pebble tile shower pans here:


Outdoor Pebble Tile

Our pebble tiles are so versatile that you can use them in almost any capacity that has use for a tile/ They are great for either indoor or outdoor use. Some people wonder where they can install it. It is a simple answer: anywhere!

When using pebble tiles indoors we have seen it used in bathrooms, kitchens, walkways, laundry rooms, and even as a backsplash. We have also seen entryways’ mud rooms, and tub surrounds installed with pebble tile. There are so many uses we couldn’t possibly name them all here, but when using pebble tile indoors you are sure to get a beautiful natural look to any floor or wall in your home, office or professional space.

When using outdoor pebble tile you could install them on a patio, in a pool, in a pond or waterfall feature, on walls and so much more. Outdoor pebble tile give any setting a beautiful look that is straight from nature. Outdoor pebble tile will blend beautifully and naturally to any outside setting. We highly recommend our pebbles for outdoor use as we have seen is used is so many gorgeous gardens and outdoor spaces.

With pebble tile being so versatile most people can find a place for it almost anywhere in their home improvement or new construction project. Many people love the look of pebble tile but are often at a loss where to use it. Well hopefully we are proving the answer is most definitely ‘anywhere’.

When using indoor or outdoor pebble tile make sure that you seal the tile in order to get the most out of your project. Sealing it will help it look beautiful for a long time. Pebble tile will give any room or outdoor space a beautiful natural look that is eco friendly and durable. This is one of the many reasons that pebble tile is so popular and will continue to be for a very long time. Here is a link to our images gallery where you can see pebble tile used in many different ways:


Pebble Tiles in Bathrooms

Of the many uses for our tile, by far one of the most popular installations is using pebble tiles in bathrooms. Pebble tile and the bathroom are a match made in heaven. Pebble tiles are not only waterproof and durable but they look great in a bathroom. Some of our favorite installations of pebble tiles in bathrooms are in showers, as tub surrounds, and as flooring, backsplashes, on walls or as shower pans. Here are a few images of our favorite uses of pebble tiles in bathrooms.

The first picture here is a beautiful floor made of pebble tile.

Pebble tile flooring is a great way to use pebble tiles in bathrooms and it not only looks beautiful but it feels great on your feet. There is also a sliced pebble tile for a flat surface if that is your preference.

The second image here is a pebble tile wall in a bathroom.

The reason we love pebble tile on a bathroom wall is not only is moisture no longer an issue with pebble tile being used on the walls because it is waterproof and it is a unique and beautiful feature in any bathroom.

This last image is a beautiful pebble tile shower.

Those who are using pebble tiles in bathrooms are starting to use them in showers more and more. Many people use pebble tile in bathroom showers and as shower pans as well. They make a beautiful natural addition to any shower space.

As you can see there are many uses of pebble tiles in bathrooms. We love them all. Now it is up to you to pick which pebble tile to use for your project. There are sliced, glazed, natural, mosaic, and more. We love them all and we know whichever you choose you will love our pebble tile too!


Pebble Bath Tiles

Many people want their bathroom to be their sanctuary of relaxation. Nothing is more zen than being out in nature. How many of us have sat where there is water present and listened to the sounds? Everyone loves to listen to the ocean, the sounds of the forest or a babbling brook. Many people want to bring this peaceful feeling indoors. We have found that pebble bath tiles create this environment perfectly. Check out this zen bathroom with pebble bath tiles and see what we are talking about.

What we love most about using pebble bath tiles in a bathroom like this, or in a shower, on the walls, or even on the flooring is that it is actually bringing nature inside. Our pebble tiles come straight from nature to you and there is nothing more zen than that. If you want to make your bathroom a peaceful escape from the world where you can shower or bathe surrounded by creation in peaceful beauty then you have come to the right place. Pebble bath tiles are the perfect tile to get that retreat that you are desiring.

Here is another of our favorite escapes using pebble bath tiles.

We love how the pebble tile colors are mixed and made into a swirl pattern. Can you imagine showering in this paradise everyday? Pebble bath tile will turn any bathroom into a serene retreat. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our pebble bath tiles and how to transform your bathroom into a paradise.


Pebble Tile Outdoor

Pebble tile is a very sturdy tile. It can withstand almost anything nature can throw at it. Wind, rain, or abuse will not hurt pebble tile which is why many people install it not only indoors but also outdoors as well. Putting pebble tile outdoor is not only beautiful for many many uses but it is tough and weather resistant which means it will look great for years to come. We have seen pebble tile installed outdoor on patios, in pools, on walls and in fountains. Whatever outdoor space or use for it that you can dream up, pebble tile can be used. Here are a few beautiful pebble tile outdoor projects.

This first project is a pebble tile patio. Pebble tile gives this beautiful patio more elegance and serenity than just concrete. This patio is this a beautiful example of how pebble tile will give an outdoor space a zen feeling that elevates it and created a beautiful escape.

This picture shows a beautiful pool accent using pebble tile outdoor. This shows the versatility of pebble tile taking advantage of our tan pebble tile. It can be used like this, simply as an accent, or you could install the whole pool with pebble tile. We love how the pebble tile gives this pool a little zing that is simple and cheap to do. If all you need is that little extra touch to give your pool or outdoor project a little something extra then you can see here that pebble tile is the way to go.

Whether your pebble tile outdoor project if large or small we are here to help with any questions you have or to help you pick out the right tile. Please feel free to contact us! We love the use of pebble tile outdoors so please send us your images of your pebble tile outdoor projects and we may even put them up on our website.


Green River Rock Tiles

Pebble tile is a great option for many different reasons. Of course we love that it is so versatile, it can go in almost any space indoor or outdoor. We also love that it is durable and beautiful. One other great feature is that pebble tile has to many options to choose from. You could go with a tan sliced pebble or green river rock tiles. The variety of options are many! If you choose for instance to go with the green river rock tiles, you could also choose between traditional pebbles or sliced green river rock tiles. The fact that there are so many varieties to choose from mean you are sure to find the perfect tile for your project. Here are some different projects that show the variety of tiles and how they can be used.

This first project is a bathroom. You can see why bathrooms are a popular place to put tile. This green pebble tile really makes for a beautiful feature wall.

This next project is using green river rock tiles for an outdoor soaking tub. Doesn't it look so relaxing? This is one of the many outdoor uses for our tile including pools, fountains, and more!

This last project is a beautiful show floor featuring ‘Sea Green’ river rock tile. This really shows the versatility of the tile. Your shower floor or bathroom can really get a pop of style when using pebble tile

Whether you are going with a traditional project like the tan pebble tile in the bathroom or a more unusual project like the outdoor tub with green river rock tiles you can find the right pebble tile to suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your project. We are happy to help!


Sliced Polished Pebble Flooring

When putting in a new pebble tile floor there are a few things you should decide on to ensure you get exactly what you want. The first thing that needs a decided upon is the type of walking surface you like. Traditional pebble tile will give you an uneven walking surface that some love and some do not. A sliced pebble tile will give you a more flat walking surface.

Another decision you should make is whether to go with natural or polished pebble tile. Here are a few pictures to help you tell the difference. This first one is a natural sliced pebble tile flooring

This second picture is a sliced polished pebble flooring

As you can see in both pictures the sliced polished pebble flooring has a shinier surface than the natural product does. This is really a matter of preference but it should definitely be considered before installing the tile in order to get the look you are going for. Polished and natural pebble tiles come in both traditional and sliced varieties and this was just one example.

The last decision you need to make when buying pebble tile is the most obvious and it is color selection. This can be difficult to choose so make sure you talk with your contractor and a few friends in order to decide on color and ensure you get a product that you will love for years to come.

In order to get the look you want we suggest you get a few samples before you make all these decisions. Get a few samples of each variety. You may find that while you were leaning toward a traditional natural pebble tile, once you get the samples you may find that you actually love the sliced polished pebble flooring. You just never know until you hold it and walk on it which one will strike a chord with you or look better with the decor in your room. So the best way to make decisions is to touch, see, and walk on a few different varieties of pebble flooring before you buy.


Pebble Bath Surround

A new and exciting use for our pebble tiles is for a pebble bath surround. This creative use of pebble tiles is making its way indoors and well as outdoors in some of the most exclusive and expensive homes in the nation. We just loved this idea so much that we decided to feature a few examples here. The first example is an outdoor pebble bath surround that turns bathing from a sterile environment to a warm natural setting. Wouldn't you just love to spend all day here?

This next example shows a beautiful black pebble bath surround that gives this room a zen feel. We absolutely love this use of pebble tile and can’t think of a better way to give your room a natural beauty than with river pebbles.

These are just a few examples of ways you could install a pebble bath surround. We have seen people install them on the outside of a built in tub/shower when they want to give their traditional bathroom a cheap and easy splash of design. We have seen them installed as a backsplash in a shower or just as you walk out of the bath a design element. Pebble tiles are a popular and easy way to give some style to your bathroom. A pebble bath surround will not only looks amazing but will be very functional as well which is why we wanted to feature a few today. Contact us today for any help with your pebble bath surround project needs!